Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1829:
Dara Torres Interview with Piers Morgan - Embarrassment,
Visual Recall, Sexual Anticipation Lip Biting &
Sincerity Quotients

Olympic Swimming Legend Dara Torres was recently interviewed by CNN's Piers Morgan. Dara gives some fantastic body language tells throughout this video. At multiple times, particularly during the second half of this segment, she is visually recalling very specific events and people - as Morgan puts her on the spot. He asks her if, given the choice, would she rather have a gold medal in the upcoming London Olympics or to re-live the best sex of her life. She visually (and emotionally) recalls several specific memories in the next few moments, as anyone would when honestly considering such a question. We can be sure she is visually recalling these memories because she very briefly looks up to her left. In a high percentage of times, right-handed people will look up to their left when visually-recalling an image, person, event, etc. Although it's not absolute, in some people this occurs greater than 95% of the time. Dara looks in this quadrant on multiple occasions when recalling specific events and people as Piers pushes, prods and pokes (most notably at 1:34, 1:45, 1:58, 2:04, 2:08, 2:26, 2:30, 2:32, 2:34).

When Morgan asks Torres, "... did you have your eyes on anybody special? after ... say you win gold? ..." she bites her bottom lip (at the 2:23 mark). In this nonverbal-verbal cluster-context, lip biting is highly consistent with sexual anticipation. We now know she is interested in someone in particular.

It is easy for anyone to see Dara's prolonged (facial) blushing when Piers confronts her with his sexual questions. The additional palmar touching of both sides of her face (1:37) is very congruent with embarrassment. This fact that the palms of her hands are contacting her face is extremely indicative of a high level of sincerity.

Dara Torres not only is an amazing athlete and a personification of the fountain of youth  - her bilateral full palmar touch, blushing, lip biting and visual recall when asked about past events all indicate a Sincerity Quotient that is very high. What's your sincerity quotient?

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