Monday, March 26, 2012

Negotiation Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1460:
French Presidential Election -
Marine Le Pen and Fear-Anxiety

Marine Le Pen is a candidate in upcoming French Presidential election. In this image she shows a very common, yet very "nonverbally naked" cluster. Her emotions are very exposed for all to see. Touching anywhere on the head or neck, in general, is a strong indicator of anxiety. Touching the face or front of the neck is more highly indicative with deception-anxiety, while rubbing/touching/scratching the back (posterior) head or neck tends to strongly point toward non-deception related anxiety.

Certainly all facial or anterior neck touching does not indicate lying however. Careful observation and correlation with other body language signals, paralanguage and verbal indicators (e.g. statement analysis) is always essential when trying to elicit deception.

Le Pen's eyes, while partially closed (as is required for all sincere smiles) do not have the concave-up furrows in her lower lids - rather they have multiple small ridges & wrinkles. True joy-happiness smiles must have this highly characteristic and transient lower lid groove. See: Secret #353: Brad Pitt's Smiling Eyes - Sincere and Insincere Smiles.

Marine's mouth is pulled laterally in a classic fear expression. If her smile was genuine, the bottom teeth will not be visible. Unfortunately, this is a very common form of a social smile. It is clearly feigned. While a better variety of social smile or perhaps even a true, felt smile of joy-happiness may have been present a few moments before this image was captured, some event has occurred and/or someone has spoken - causing her to adopt a classic, fear-anxiety nonverbal display.

Ms. Le Pen is experiencing fear-anxiety. I wonder what Sarkozy is doing?

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