Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Negotiation Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1455:
Ann Romney, The Illinois Primary & Sincerity

A reliable sign of sincerity is displayed when the palms of the hands make contact with the chest during an expression "heartfelt" emotions (empathy expression). With both sexes, but more commonly and prominently with women, this "palmar touch" body language signal of sincerity - is accompanied by a forward (anterior) and to a lesser degree, slightly upward (superior) motion of the shoulders - giving the upper chest a temporarily "sunken in" appearance. This "nonverbal amplifier" adds further to, and projects more strongly the feeling of empathy. We don't know what Ann Romney was speaking about at this moment, but we do know she was sincere.

See also: Secret # 102: Palms vs. Fingers

Too often, only the tips of the finger/thumb touch - indicating feigned emotion.  See: Secret # 665: A Strong Sign of Insincerity

Ann and Mitt Romney are pictured here last night just after the former Massachusetts Governor won the Illinois Republican Primary.