Sunday, June 19, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 140:
Duping Delight Microexpression

This is Chad O'Kelley's arrest photo. He was recently indited in federal court on selling U.S. Military arms to Iraqi citizens and businesses, money laundering and fraud. Mr. O'Kelley's expression is very telling.  While the left side of his mouth is, as expected, frowning - his right side shows a slight smile. Most people would expect a mug-shot to express negative emotions - often overwhelmingly negative. Why is Mr. O'Kelley showing a subtle smile?  It is very probable that Chad has a big secret that has not yet been discovered by the authorities. He feels that although he has just been arrested, somehow he is still fooling law enforcement. Paul Ekman has termed this subtle and often very fleeting and/or partial smile - "Duping Delight".  If this fraction of a smile is present for less than 0.5 seconds (and as little as 0.04 of a second!) it is known as a microexpression. This is just one example of many different emotions which are expressed in these clue-expressing, micro-bursts of display. While only about one in 300 people can see them naturally in real time - nearly everyone can be trained to see them. What secrets are slipping by you?

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