Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leadership Secret # 112: Pakistan Trumps Iran

Here Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zandari holds hands with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran, Iran where there is a summit on fighting Terrorism.  While public displays of affection between people of opposite sex is taboo in many parts of the Middle East, even between married couples - people of the same gender holding hands is considered normal display of friendship without romantic implications.

Interestingly, the dominance rule of hand-holding still applies as it does with romantic couples.  Asif Ali Zandari's hand is in front - thus he is the dominant or "Alpha" and Ahmadinejad's is in back - acquiescing to the less-dominant, beta role.  This tells us that Pakistan has something(s) that Iran wants.

Another interesting "tell" is Zandari's left hand is on the right side of his chest. When one's hand is over their heart - which is, of course, on the left side of the chest - there is a much higher correlation with True sincerity. There is a significantly increased likelihood that Zandari is less than completely sincere at the moment of this photo. He may indeed be a sincere person in general, but at the moment of this photograph he was most probably "forcing" or "acting" sincere.