Friday, June 17, 2011

Nonverbal Negotiation Secret # 121:
Mubarak, King Abdullah and Netanyahu

Hosni Mubarak is seen in here adjusting his cuff.  This image was taken at the White House during a Conference on Middle East peace on Sept. 1, 2010.  Needless to say this was before Egypt's recent revolution. His cuff-adjust is an example of a Manipulator/Adaptor/Pacifier (MAP). MAPs are signs of increased anxiety.  While we don't know exactly what President Obama was saying, we can be sure it caused Mubarak anxiety. More specifically, it's a signal to us that Mubarak's psyche was attempting to "amp-up" alpha behavior and be more assertive.

Interestingly, King Abdullah II of Jordan, seated next to Mubarak has a classic expression of disgust.  It would be very valuable if President Obama and his staff have photos and similar videos analyzed for non-verbal cues which may give them a distinct advantage. If not, they should. I wonder if King Abdullah is coached?  I doubt it - but he should. All political leaders should. Without it they will give away (and overlook) a gold-mine's worth of information. Body language can certainly be used to a similar dominance in the court room.

Test your skills:  What tell is Benjamin Netanyahu showing us?