Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3289: Jorge Ramos, Donald Trump Event, "Get Out of My Country" and De-Escalation - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday, just after Donald Trump told him to, "Go back to Univison!", Jorge Ramos was forcibly removed from the republican candidate's press conference (He was allowed back in after a few minutes). Subsequently, Mr. Ramos also had an interesting encounter with a man in the hallway. From a body language perspective, this incident provides an interesting example in escalation vs. de-escalation.

After this Trump supporter said, "You were very rude. It's not about you. Get out of my country! Get out!"

(over-lapping dialog)

Mr. Ramos responds, "It's not about [inaudible]. This is not, I'm a, I'm a U.S. citizen."

Trump supporter, "Well, whatever. No, Univision, no!" His palms are then held outward - toward Mr. Ramos. As this is used here, this palms-out illustrator is aggressive and confrontational. He is drawing a metaphorical line in the sand and daring Jorge Ramos to cross it (escalating). Mr. Ramos declines. 

With regards to de-escalation, Mr. Ramos's only mistake was walking toward the other man (escalating). Although he did so with a calm vocal tone, a lower vocal volume than his confronter - and he had his arms clasped behind his back the entire time - all De-escalating (while this is not directly visible, if you view the video carefully you will see this indirectly and that his visible arm and shoulder positions don't change during the entire confrontation). This behind the back hands clasp is a great alpha-beta hybrid in this situation - for it projects a significant strength of confidence and yet it is non-confrontational (De-escalating).

From a nonverbal point-of-view in this scenario, hands clasped (loosely) behind the back says, "I am strong, I am confident and I don't have to be battle-ready" - De-escalating. (Conversely, most people have their hands in front, held high and/or in fists - which escalates the tension and likelihood of a fight - escalating).. Of course it does place Mr. Ramos at a disadvantage if the other man were to hit first (For this reason, law enforcement personnel rarely hold their hands behind their back in such a manner, even when off-duty - although in certain circumstances they should consider it).

Mr. Ramos also turned his head down and away - after initial more direct eye contact (De-escalating). The other man kept a much more direct eye contact with a very low rate of blinking - indicative of his anger, high adrenaline and near-fight-mode (escalating).

When he begins to point, the Trump supporter initially points to Mr. Ramos's chest (escalating).

The other man has a mixture of anger (obvious to most) - yet also contempt and disgust. This triple threat is a dangerous combination - for it carries with it a significantly elevated risk of loss-of-temper and subsequent physical altercation (escalating).

Then quickly he uses this same index finger point (forefinger) to point at Jorge's face. The law enforcement officer senses this escalation and moves in between the men and verbally interjects. This is a profoundly escalating gesture.

An index finger point is a highly offensive and inflammatory nonverbal display. This is true across every single culture on the planet.

Here we can see the index finger persisting, even as Mr. Ramos is walking away.

We can see here Jorge's arms behind his back. Importantly, his gate (his walk) is also not confrontational - but meandering and slower, with a significant side-to-side motion (De-escalation).

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3288: Donald Trump & Jorge Ramos - "Go back to Univision" - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

"Go back to Univision!" shouted Donald Trump just before he had Jorge Ramos thrown out of a press conference today in Dubuque, Iowa. Along with these harsh words, the poll-leading republican had some interesting body language on display - some of which is discussed below.

Many have noted before - both in humor and in analysis, Donald Trump's hyperbolic lip and mouth movements. Yet in this moment, it carries an extra layer of meaning - a "Loose Forward Lip Purse". This very specific nonverbal signal is highly indicative for someone who believes they're a relative alpha with whomever they're speaking and/or interacting. It also tells us that that there's a large disparity between what they say and what they are thinking - AND importantly, they have a plan. Moreover, it's also telegraphing to us the message that they believe they have a high probability of executing their plan with success. Trump gives a hand signal to the security person/bodyguard (and immediately afterwards [0:23] Trump says, "go ahead") - and Jorge Ramos is, with some force, led out of the room (reportedly, Mr. Ramos was later let back in the room).

It's also particularly interesting to note that Mr. Trump makes several lip smacking displays or kissing sounds during crucial moments (0:22, 0:23, 0:26). Lip smacking is yet another signal of a person who's highly self-assured and a self-perceived dominant or alpha relative to the surrounding subordinates/beta personalities.

Trump or his team will make the assertion (or perhaps already have) that the security man (here passing in back of Donald) made the decision to forcibly remove Jorge Ramos. However Trump's face in this instant along with the above described tells indicate it was solely the candidate's call.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3287: Hillary Clinton, Email Servers and Crisis Management - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Crisis Management, Crisis Management, Crisis Management.

What the vast majority of politicians (and those who coach them) never realize - is that their body language will dictate the whole flavor of a speech - the entire appearance. Otherwise, those who "steer with their words" leave us with the feeling of painting over dirt - it lowers likability and destroys rapport. It just doesn't feel right. The nonverbal signals are the foundation on which the feel of anyone's personality is projected. If you have any doubts at all on this point, please recall any awkward dates from your teenage years.

Of crucial importance during anything resembling a debate or question and answer session, quality body language engenders favorable vocal qualities (tone of voice and other paralanguage parameters) and these two together help the words to flow. Those who try to work with the words first will drown in an ocean of poor acting and insincerity (e.g. "The Emperor's New Clothes").

In her speech last week in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton defended using a personal server for her U.S. State department emails. She reacted very poorly to questioning - particularly for a politician with her level of experience. One of many mistakes she committed is that she let her own nonverbal signals dial-up her anxiety and anger. She reinforced these negative emotions in a self-destructive feedback-loop because she simply does not recognize one fundamental use of body language.

One example (although there are many) is the manner in which the former Secretary of State does not understand that her high hand tension will also facilitate facial tension - therefore up-regulating anger, frustration, impatience, etc. (all of which she exhibited in this press conference). Conversely hand gestures (termed "Illustrators" in body language parlance) which are relaxed and open (yet still with some assertiveness - thus alpha-beta hybrids) will act as a control panel for her emotional tone, her facial expressions - and as far as this appearance is concerned - it also will elevate her credibility and trustworthiness.

 Mrs. Clinton is trying to use the politician's point - yet here she pinches her forefinger (aka index finger) together with her thumb. This action increases her facial tension. When Hillary is defensive or angry (like many other human beings) has a strong tendency to tilt her head/neck back and look "down her nose" at those to whom she's speaking. This loses her boatloads of likability

More hand tension - ergo more facial tension.

And .... Boom! Out comes anger.

Of course, like all of us, Mrs. Clinton is allowed to feel anger - yet if she wants to be elected President, she should NOT suppress it, but channel her anger. She's not doing this and the voting public can feel it.

Hillary in 2013 using the "Politician's Point". Note the correlation between a relaxed hand and a relaxed face. This is still assertive, still consistent with strong leadership qualities - and with the added benefit of Mrs. Clinton conducting her own emotional tempo.

Take care to avoid the "more is better" approach though - for the politician's point (and it's poorly used cousin, the pinch point and its variants) are considerably over-used by many politicians.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3286: Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black & C'est la vie - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Tatiana Maslany exemplifies some fantastic acting in the sci-fi television drama "Orphan Black" in which she plays many characters. As a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday, she also displays a textbook classic body language cluster.

Beginning at 0:43, both of Tatiana's eyes are close - yet her forehead muscles are working against this - for along with her eyebrows, they are contracting upward.

This disparity should alert you to emotional dissonance.

In the next moment Ms. Maslany's eyebrows and forehead remain elevated as her mid-face tightens. Tatiana's jaw juts forward and her mouth opening/lips take on a regret configuration.

Then Maslany's eyelids open even wider as the actress's mouth shows an attempt at a sincere smile.

Importantly, her head-neck also briefly laterally tilts

A mouth microexpression of fear is the next word in Tatiana's nonverbal syntax.

The above described nonverbal "cluster" (all four moments closely strung together in a body language sentence) is a classic one for C'est la vie (That's Life) or "Oh well!" - but mixed with a mild amount of social-fear. This is very consistent with her committing a spoiler faux-pas.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3285: Donald Trump Dialing Up His Alpha - Body Language (PHOTOS)

As with all alpha personalities, there are times when Donald Trump feels as if he needs more assertiveness. Here the 2016 republican poll-leading presidential candidate is shown adjusting his left shirt cuff. The vast majority of the time the cuff is already in place though and there's no real need for this grooming maneuver - rather it's a nonverbal epiphenomenon of his emotional status. This "False Cuff Adjust" indicates that Trump's psyche is attempting to up-regulate his alpha qualities. He recognizes, largely on a subconscious level, that he needs to dial-up his self-confidence.

This Body Language Tell is displayed more often in men than women and with greater frequency in individuals from higher socioeconomic levels vs. those with less financial means. Those who are raised in more modest means tend to adjust their watches rather than shirt cuffs in such scenarios.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3284: Eat Your Effin Vees with Jimmy Kimmel and First Lady Michelle Obama - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. The first lady and Jimmy performed a little pseudo-public service announcement/comedy skit titled "Eat Your Effin Vees" (or Fs and Vs). There are very few other guests with whom such an act would be even a little funny - and most wouldn't consider it humorous here. It's more of a novelty because of her title.

Michelle's role here is the "I know what's best for you" persona - which of course every first lady plays regardless of her political leanings.

What Jimmy calls Effin Vees - Mrs. Obama knows as Fruits and Vegetables -of course in an effort to educate and encourage children into eating healthier. This certainly is a noble pursuit - yet that's not what was happening here. 

The First Lady repeatedly defaults to a very particular nonverbal - the pseudo-prayer (and a couple of its variants).

While in some parts of the World, this body language is part of a greeting or departure of well-wishing - and of course in many religious contexts it accompanies prayer - yet on essentially all other occasions this false prayer gesture is highly indicative of patronizing and arrogant emotional tones and should, with rare exception, never be used.

As with all alpha nonverbal signals, the pseudo-prayer will also engender feelings of increased power and authority in its user - yet the audience (whether a single person or millions) will instead feel condescending emotions. The pseudo-prayer is particularly potent in this patronizing characteristic.

Moreover, when there is also a chopping motion accompanying the false-prayer - these negative emotional messages are amplified. 

Conversely, on several occasions Mrs. Obama held her hand surfaces parallel - but not quite touching. This nonverbal variation still carries all these same caustic emotions - although this modification modestly down-regulates the negativity of the gesture.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3283: Trivago Guy - It's Not His Wardrobe or Haircut - It's the Body Language Stupid! (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A year or so ago, a lot was made regarding the wardrobe, hair style and facial hair of the "Trivago Guy" - Tim Williams. Yet what was (and still is) most troublesome is his body language - specifically his facial expressions.

On occasion we all display a "Central Forehead Contraction" together with a "Mouth Smile". Such smiles are never sincere though. This expression is indicative of one of the following:
  • Disbelief
  • Arrogance
  • Contempt
(Please note that all three of these thought-emotions have other nonverbal expressions as well)

We are all allowed to feel these emotions once in a while - for we are all human. Yet when a person chronically displays both of these facial expressions simultaneously or nearly-so, it's a strong indicator of sociopathic behavior (antisocial personality disorder).

Thus when such an expression (either by chance or design) is displayed in the context of an advertisement - it's a profound mistake. And Williams does so much of the ad. This facial expression makes people feel uncomfortable. It diminishes trust and rapport - and thus it will drive away customers.

Bad commercial. Bad directing. Bad Body Language.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3282: Zac Efron Swam with a Wild Tiger Shark and Avoided an Attack by using Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Zac Efron was a guest on the Tonight Show last night. Many people have gained a considerably higher level of respect for the actor after his encounter with a tiger shark in the wild. Not only did he keep his cool and follow the recommendations of shark experts - but he also held onto the shark's dorsal fin and hitched a ride back to his boat.

From a body language perspective, as with many interactions, this interview includes a multitude of nonverbal displays - some of which are alpha, some beta and some hybrids. A few of these are described below. Intriguingly (and courageously), Mr. Efron also uses body language to avoid a shark attack.


Mr. Efron displays a "false tie-adjust"

This common nonverbal display is indicative of anxiety. Even though he's an accomplished actor and is quite used to being in front of a camera - here he's NOT method acting - he's human and he's just being Zac. Efron does this again at 0:50 as well as at the 2:12 mark.


Here we see the palms partially turned down at about a 45 degree angle. This is one of many  ALPHA-beta hybrids (here with the alpha being greater than beta).


This more complete palm down gesture is significant of a higher dominance level.

Had his fingers been positioned tightly together (here there is space between them) and his arm been extended - this would have conveyed an even greater alpha level. His partial (suppressed) sincere smile also helps to make this a bit less dominant.


This palm-down gesture is more dominant than that displayed above (at 1:00) - for Efron's arm is held further away from his body with his elbow more extended. He also does not have a smile at this moment in addition to having a contracted forehead. However his fingers remain separated - thus leaving some dominance unclaimed.


Although we can't see this MAP fully (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier), if you watch the video, you can tell Efron adjusts the lower part of his tie. This is a common gesture for men in moments where they are attempting to up-regulate their alpha emotions. This body language is better appreciated in the dynamic context of the video rather than a static image.


Zac Efron displays a conventional low steeple. The conventional steeple is a considerably high-alpha display and is only recommended for very brief duration (he uses it for about 5 seconds here) during very selective moments (photos of U.S. Presidents using a conventional steeple are exceedingly rare).

When a guy is describing how he survived a stare-down with a 14 foot tiger shark, he's certainly has greater social-latitude to use this nonverbal swagger.

I don't pretend to be a shark expert and thus I can't at this time can't validate Efron's advice, yet here (based on the teachings of his mentors) he describes how he used his clear wits and body language to avoid a possibly fatal shark attack.


"What you're supposed to do is slow down your heart rate and just sort stay calm."

"I held my breath, I sorta crossed my arms and let the shark know I wasn't prey."


Efron describes staring directly into the eyes of the shark - implying that his body was turned toward the shark as well (e.g., "I'm not afraid of you and I'm not swimming away - but my hands are not in an aggressive configuration either, so this is a truce Mr. Tiger Shark, okay?").


Just as Jimmy Fallon holds up a picture of Zac with the Tiger Shark - he displays a subtle fear mouth (in a moment of partially reliving the encounter). The camera cuts away before his trepidation is perhaps more fully expressed.

Don't try this at home.

Many shark experts would say that once Efron avoided the initial face-to-face encounter, he should have not touched the shark - as tiger sharks are particularly unpredictable.

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Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3281: Donald Trump on "Meet The Press" - Who Does He Talk to for Military Advice? - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump was a guest on "Meet The Press" on Sunday. When Chuck Todd asked him where the poll-leading republican presidential candidate gets his military advice, Trump's answer was a surprise to many. Two (of the many) nonverbal signals associated with this segment of the Q & A - provide some excellent nonverbal teaching moments.

A friendly reminder: This website serves as an objective reference source for the science and art of Body Language /Nonverbal Communication. In an effort to be both practical and academic, many examples from/of varied cultures, politicians, professional athletes, legal cases, public figures, etc. are cited in order to teach and illustrate both the interpretation of others’ body language as well as the projection of one’s own nonverbal skills in many different contexts – not to advance any political, religious or other agenda.

The following dialog begins at the 7:45 mark in the above interview.

Chuck Todd:  Who do you, ah, talk to for military advice, right now?

Donald Trump: Well, I watch the shows.  I mean, I really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show - and all of the other shows and you have the generals and -

Chuck Todd: So you do the -

Donald Trump: And you have certain people that you like -

Chuck Todd: But is there a go-to for you?  You know - [inhaling hiss with fear expression]

Donald Trump: Ah, probably there are -

Chuck Todd: - every presidential -

Donald Trump: - two or three -

Chuck Todd: - candidate has a go-to -

Donald Trump: Yeah, probably there are two or three.  I mean, I like Bolton.  I think he's, you know, a tough cookie, knows what he's talking about. Ah, Jacobs is a good guy -

Chuck Todd: Do you mean Ambassador John Boton (misspeak), Bolton? 

Donald Trump: Yes.  I think he's terrific -

Chuck Todd: You mean Colonel Jack Jacobs? [over-talking]

Donald Trump: Colonel Jack Jacobs is a good guy.  And I see him - on occasion.  Um, I actually had dinner - I was given a very high award by the Marines at the Waldorf

Chuck Todd: Hmmm

Donald Trump: Astoria a couple of months ago. And your new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the head Marine, 

Chuck Todd: Yeah

Donald Trump: - was a very impressive guy. He just got appointed.  I think that he will do

Chuck Todd: You hear good things (over-talking) 

Donald Trump:  a terrific job.

The following six images are all from one partial sentence of Trump's, "Well, I watch the shows.  I mean, I really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show - and all of the other shows and you have the generals and - "

7:48 as Trump says, "... I really see a lot ..."


"... of great - you know ..."


"... you watch your ..."


"... your show - and ..."

(a continuum from above)


"... other shows and ..."


"... have the generals and ..."

As discussed in a previous post, when a relative alpha personality or a person in alpha context (e.g., where the other people are perceived as relative beta personalities or in beta rolls) - one common manifestation of his/her relative higher status are exaggerated mouth and lip movements. Moreover, those who display this nonverbal pattern chronically have an extremely high incidence of narcissistic personality disorder (although not all narcissists will display this body language). Trump's progression of this lip-mouth movement nonverbal can be easily seen to have progressed over the last several decades (thus one manifestation of progressing narcissism).

Intriguingly this nonverbal tell can shed even further light on Trump's thought-emotion. The frequency and amplitude of this hyperbolic lip-mouth configuration is proportional to the effort put forth to convince an audience. Said another way, the more often and more exaggerated this mouth display is seen - the harder he's trying to convince you he's correct. And when a person is trying harder to convince you - most of the time it's because they don't believe it themselves.

Below we see captured in another very telling body language moment - for when Chuck presses Donald for specific names - Trump transmits trepidation.


Inhaling Hissing with partial (mouth) Fear expression

This occurs just after Chuck Todd says, "But is there a go-to for you?  You know - " and just prior to Donald Trump saying, "Ah, probably there are - "

This variety of fear expression is not indicative of physical danger - but captures social-fear and hesitancy to disclose or act in a certain manner. This display telegraphs a fear of social repercussions and indicates that although Mr. Trump may know (or has met) John Bolton and/or Colonel Jack Jacobs (as well as the Marine whose name he did not recall - presumably Joseph Dunford [Moreover, notice Trump's use of the words, "... your new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ..."? He did not say "the" or "our". This is very significant.]) - we can say with a very high degree of confidence that Trump almost certainly did not seek their military advice.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3280: Jeb Bush, Iowa State Fair and the ability to Change the Minds' of Voters - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jeb Bush - like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders - made an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. In this video, Governor Bush (to no one's surprise) criticizes Mrs. Clinton regarding her use of a private server with official Government emails during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Later in the interview, beginning at 1:44, Kelly O'Donnell (reporter) asks, "I've watched you describe yourself as 'Not a grievance candidate' - and yet the mood of voters is anger ... "

Governor Bush: "Yeah."

O'Donnell: "Are you out of step with where voters are?"

Bush: "I - Look, I, I want to serve. I want to be a president that brings us together. I think over the long haul there will be a transformation, people will say, 'Who's going to sit behind the big desk to make the changes necessary for our country to move forward?' If it's about appealing to peoples' angst, I don't think I gonna [pause] win. If it's about with passion and commitment and high energy - saying that, 'We can rise up again - We can fix these things and America can be on the rise again' - I believe I'm going to be a pretty formidable candidate."

O'Donnell: "The mood is changeable for the public?"

Bush: "Absolutely, it is, it always - look [nose rub/nose scratch during 2:25 - 2:26] we're very, very early on ....."

While a nose rub or nose scratch does not always indicate deception - in this specific context, when Gov. Bush is asked a "yes, no or maybe type-question" - and in the midst of answering he touches his nose - then there is an extremely high likelihood that Jeb is telling a lie. Governor Bush has at the minimum, very significant trepidation as to whether "The mood is changeable for the public". Thus he most likely fears Donald Trump or even Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton.

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