Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2925: Governor Rick Perry's Mug Shot - What Emotions are Present? - Body Language Tells (PHOTO)

Rick Perry appeared at the Travis Count Justice Center today - for booking as well as having his mug shot taken. He is alleged to have committed two felonies in the abuse of power as Governor of Texas.

From a body language point of view, his mug shot displays an interesting mix of emotions. Politicians are used to having to try and smile when they are not truly feeling joy or happiness.

If we look at Governor Perry's eyelids - they are partially closed in addition to having concave-up dynamic furrows in each of his lower lids (more prominent on Perry's right side). Both of these eye findings are required in order for a sincere smile (Duchenne Smile) to be present.

Although the eyebrows do lower slightly in a sincere smile - it is very subtle and usually not visible. Here, Perry's eyebrows are significantly lower and also are drawn together (note the vertical furrow between his eyebrows expending upwards). These changes are indicative of anger.

Looking at the Governor's lips we see that they are straight (nearly) horizontal and stretched thin - particularly his upper lip. This mouth configuration is highly correlative with the emotion of anger.

The "mustache area" on Perry's left side is slightly tighter than on his right - there is also a trace downward and a bit more lateral vectoring of left side of his mouth. His left nostril is also flared. This indicates contempt.

Governor Rick Perry feels a self-righteous variety joy-happiness, mixed with anger and contempt during this mugshot.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2924: Michael Brown, Captain Ron Johnson, Church Rally and Ferguson, Missouri - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Ron Johnson, a Captain in the Missouri State Highway Patrol gave a very moving speech yesterday at a Rally in Ferguson, Missouri for the people of that town - and of course in the memory of Michael Brown. It was a very moving speech. Captain Johnson's empathy and sincerity quotients are extremely high. He is a both a natural leader and fantastic speaker - two qualities that few elected leaders ever achieve. 

Most of the time, the hands clasped in front of the body is not recommended - particularly for those in such a high-alpha/leadership position. Had Captain Johnson been giving a different speech in a different setting, it is very probable he would not have had his hands configured in such a manner. However in the context of a memorial service (even though he is not clergy) his clasping hands is variation of a prayer and more specifically shows deferential behavior and respect to Michael Brown, his family and those attending this Church rally.

Pointing to Michael Brown's family members with a palm-up, flexed elbow, fingers slightly apart - is rarely seen - yet by far the best way Johnson, or anyone in his position should point at an audience. Anything else would be too alpha and offensive. By pointing in this manner, he both engenders and shows respect -  as well as builds rapport.

This is the only negative critique on Captain Johnson for this speech - he was pointing slightly out towards the audience (and only partially down) with his index finger when he should have (and had probably meant to) point directly downward instead.

Again, while index finger pointing towards the audience is almost never recommended, one can point to oneself - as long as it is not done in arrogance. Here he was holding himself up to a higher standard - thus a humbling gesture.

Here Johnson points to the side - where there is no audience - when he references his son. Again - not pointing at the audience is nonverbally very wise. 

Here Captain Johnson displays a "Loose fist, thumb up" illustrator. This nonverbal is used instead of pointing toward the audience. It displays some alpha characteristics without being too much so - thus an alpha-beta hybrid.

Most "leaders" are often too aggressive in both their verbal language and their body language - when moderation, humility and empathy are called for. An alpha-beta hybrid (of which this is but one type) helps to maintain these assertive, alpha and leadership qualities without being arrogant, patronizing or condescending.

One last place that is acceptable to point - skyward. This nonverbal illustrator of course must also be made in with verbally congruency. 

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2923: Barack Obama, Jaw Clenching and Diffusing Anger - Body Language as a Form of Biofeedback (PHOTOS)

In this image taken recently during the President's vacation on Martha's Vineyard, Mr. Obama took some time out to comment on the dynamic situations in Iraq including the resignation of Nouri al-Maliki and the Yazidi's plight from their entrapment on Mt. Sinjar.

Whether you agree or disagree with Barack Obama's politics, you probably recognize his superior speaking ability - but you may not be as cognizant of his superior nonverbal skills. You may also be aware of how - unlike many other elected leaders - he is better than most at not letting negative words or actions affect his demeanor. Yet few realize that all of these are intimately connected - the verbal, the nonverbal, emotional awareness and emotional control. This phenomenon is subtly illustrated in the image above.

Jaw clenching is a body language signal highly consistent with anger (although it can be seen in other settings depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered). Additional nonverbal anger signs here include the eyebrows being drawn together as well as their downward-vectoring. Nostril flaring also accompanies anger (along with some other emotions). All of these are present in this picture of POTUS.

The President's jaw clenching can be easily seen in this photo. It is important to note however, that there is no jutting of the jaw (a forward displacement of the mandible often resulting in a momentary under-bite). Because Barack's teeth are clenched, his lip cannot roll inwards - which often occurs during the moments far from emotional baseline - so bunching up of the lips and adjacent tissue occurs (A "Peri-lip Bulge" - here in abundance). Chin dimpling is also seen.

In the presence of jaw clenching (as long as there is no jaw jutting) - if the back part (posterior) of the jaw is clenched tighter - the anger tends to be greater and this action facilitates an escalation of the anger. When the front portion (anterior) of the jaw is the primary focus of the tightening - the anger tends to be less - and in this tends to engender the anger's decrescendo. This is a form of body language biofeedback. Of course there are many other factors which may build or lessen anger or any negative emotion in these crucial "refractory periods" - but this is a valuable one. Where does your jaw tighten when you grow angry? Are you even aware of this? How do you dial this down?

Emotional self-awareness is relatively rare. The ability to down-regulate negative emotions is even scarcer. Nonverbal techniques learned and practiced will increase emotional self-recognition and thus aide in self-de-escalation.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2922: Evacuating Yazidis from Iraq's Mount Sinjar - A Daughter's Anguish, Empathy and Mirror Neurons (PHOTOS)

Recently many of Iraq's Yazidi population were trapped on Mount Sinjar surrounded by ISIS forces. Within the past week, after U.S. airstrikes weakened ISIS, some of them have escaped on their own, others have been killed or captured - and others are still there. This mother and her 15 year-old daughter were among two of the few who were evacuated.

This particular image is very empathy evoking - but do you know why? The girl is grieving for her father who was left behind and for what will happen to him. 

When a person's central forehead contracts (CFC) accompanied by a mouth expression indicative of sadness, fright or pain (emotional or physical pain) - it elicits very strong empathy for those who see it. Often we don't even have to know the person, yet we feel their anguish. The ability to feel another person(s) (or animal's) emotion is empathy. Although there may be many (as yet undiscovered) mechanisms which engender empathy, one of these is the healthy functioning of mirror neurons. Those with a deficit of, or hypo-functional mirror neurons will therefore also have an empathy deficit - or even an absence of it (e.g. Narcissists, Sociopaths, etc.).

This girl is just at the moment where she's beginning to cry. It is extremely characteristic that the central forehead contracts and elevates (with the peripheral forehead muscles being relaxed) during this crucial moment. It is also extremely emotionally provoking in people who witness such moments (in those who have higher empathy quotients).

Some people can bring on false tears, yet in such cases of the commencement of tears - their central foreheads are not contracted in this manner (rather for example, the entire width of their forehead is elevated or the central forehead is pulled together but lowered instead).

My prayers and wishes for the reunification of this and all families affected by this event.

Photo Credit: Warzer Jaff

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2921: Eve Hewson (Bono's Daughter) Recounts Phone Pranking Justin Timberlake (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Eve Hewson is an actor. She also is Bono's daughter. In this recent appearance on The Tonight Show, she recounts to Jimmy Fallon how she and a friend got onto her father's computer and lifted a bunch of phone numbers - including Justin Timberlake's .... and .... (Well just watch the video).

Although she is an actor, Ms. Hewson displays significant anxiety during this interview. A partial analysis of her nonverbal indicators of nervousness are described below. All of these examples are MAPs (Manipulators, Adaptors, Pacifiers) - with the exception of ring twist - which is a map-surrogate.

At multiple times, Eve displayed an Inward Lip Roll (ILR). The inward lip roll is a signal that the psyche is trying to suppress the inward build-up as well as the outward display of emotion.

The Hair Adjust Behind the Ear (HABE) is a sign of the attempt at an up-regulation of alpha qualities. This body language is seen when there is an increased need for assertiveness.

Ms. Hewson is seen rubbing her thighs throughout a large portion of this video. A thigh rub is usually a general anxiety indicator (what are some exceptions?).

Hair stroking in this context (in distinction to the HABE) is a general anxiety indicator.


Twisting a ring is also a general anxiety indicator - although it has significantly greater specificity when it's the wedding ring. It also is important to make a distinction between twisting the ring vs. sliding it up and down along the length of the finger. Is there another nuance in this moment as well?

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2920: Barack Obama, Michael Brown and Ferguson Police - Recognizing Subtle Alpha Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Today Barack Obama addressed the nation regarding the recent death of 18 year-old Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The President recognized both those using the town's angst and unrest at Mr. Brown's death as a excuse for looting and violence. He also spoke of Ferguson's police force violating the First Amendment rights of those peacefully assembled and protesting as well as arresting reporters (and allegedly others) without probable cause (a Fourth Amendment violation).

It is easy to imagine any U.S. President, republican or democrat, making a similar speech in such a scenario.

The video above (images captured below) provides several excellent examples of a nonverbal signal of a specific alpha body language tell that goes unnoticed by all but the most observant. We all know that the President is the most powerful person in this or any room in the United States. He doesn't have to spell it out for us. And yet as skilled as Mr. Obama is with his body language, he projects his Presidential power in a multitude of ways. Watch the video first and see if you can spot any in this example.

In other more everyday situations - for example when a person is trying to make us believe that they are our peer - and yet they really believe they are superior to us (e.g., depositions, negotiations, arbitrations, mediations, sales settings, political scenarios, corporate leadership, physicians attempting bedside manner, etc.). In these cases, both their thoughts and their nonverbals will be disparate from their words.

Again, in this example, the President and everyone else knows he's the top dog - yet it does serve to illustrate an important tell. Did you spot it yet?

Exaggerated mouth movements when speaking - above and beyond what is needed to normally pronounce any given word - is a solid alpha signal giveaway.

Often these "hyper-pronounced" words aren't necessarily the most crucial ones to emphasize - such as with this example, seen at 0:22, when the President says, "... tasked ...".

Note that near complete or complete eyelid closure occurs (a prolonged blink) frequently accompanying these exaggerated lip/mouth configurations.

Here Mr. Obama says, "... exactly ..." during the 0:49 mark.

A fraction of a second later still saying the word "... exactly ...". His eyes begin to open and yet the mouth remains hyperbolic.

Here POTUS says, "... accounts ..." at the 2:10 mark).

As with most nonverbal examples, these are often best appreciated within the dynamic context of video. This is no exception.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2919: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - Friends? - will they Hug it Out? (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton appeared at a book signing on Martha's Vineyard. While there, she briefly addressed the controversy of her relationship with Barack Obama and her distancing language she used in a recent interview in The Atlantic magazine. In it, she voiced her disagreement with the President regarding his policies and decisions made about Israel, Iran, as well as arming Syrian Moderates who oppose Bashar al-Assad.

Beginning at 0:50 Mrs. Clinton says, "We agree. We are committed to the values and the security of country together. We have disagreements as any partners and friends as we are might very well have, but ah, I'm proud that I served with him, and for him and I'm looking forward to seeing him tonight."

In this image, taken during the 0:58 segment (just as she says "... friends ..."), notice how widely Mrs. Clinton's eyelids are opened. One of the most common and reliable signals of insincerity is overly frequently contracting the forehead muscles. Often co-existing with this is a similar behavior of the upper eyelids.

This is a great example of over-compensatory and over-emphasis behavior where, if sincerity were indeed present, neither the forehead nor upper eyelids would be contracted so much or so often. These nonverbals are analogous to a child using many exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. Bad actors and many politicians (and no political party is excluded) - are both examples of the chronically insincere - and thus will display this body language frequently in their efforts to convince others.

Two seconds later (1:00) the former Secretary of State displays a prolonged eyelid closure. Notice that her forehead is contracting upward while her eyelids are closing - pulling in an opposite direction of the forehead. This forehead configuration is unnatural during normal eye closure.

Again this isn't a simple blink - but one of longer duration. It is a nonverbal metaphor for emotional blocking and emotional processing. While she is a colleague of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton does share similar goals for the country - she is friendly with, but not friends with the President (and objectively, few people could be friends after vigorously campaigning against each other as they did in 2008).

Do you think that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama will "Hug it out"?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2918: Lauren Bacall, Flirting and a "Come-hither look" (PHOTO)

Another great actor, Lauren Bacall has passed away.

In this obviously posed image, taken in 1944 when she was 20, Ms. Bacall strikes a body language configuration which is particularly sexually provocative.

Note that Lauren is looking back over a raised shoulder with her head tilted down - so that her eyes are looking up. Among other things, this configuration can make the eyes appear larger - which is a universal signal of beauty, although in this example her eyelids are slightly closed (what signal does this send here?).

Although Ms. Bacall's sexual attraction nonverbals are significant in this photo, her flirtatious appearance would be further amplified if:
  • Her eyes were open wider (but not too widely)
  • Her lips and jaw were open slightly
  • She had a suppressed yet sincere smile
  • She were biting her bottom lip
  • Her nostrils were not slightly flared (as they are in this example)
  • Her left shoulder were bare
What else would dial up her "come-hither look"?

My sincere condolences to the family and loved-ones of Ms. Bacall

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2917: Thank you Robin Williams - examples of a Suppressed Smile and a Bitter Smile - Dead Poets Society (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Robin Williams has passed away earlier today. He was a great actor and a great comedian. Dead Poets Society was one of his best and most inspiring films. For his role in it, Williams was nominated for an Oscar for best leading actor (The film won an Academy Award for best screen play and was also nominated for Best Film and Peter Weir was also nominated for best director). The above video is from its final scene after Williams's character, John Keating, has been fired from a boy's prep school in 1959 (a fictional Welton Academy).

In this moment John Keating is suppressing his laughter because he had instructed all of his students to rip out the introduction in their poetry texts several months before on the first day of class. His replacement and Welton's headmaster is figuring this out. In this low resolution and oblique view, it cannot be fully appreciated (yet this is very analogous to many less-than-optimal, real-world situations). Please watch the video to better appreciate this nonverbal nuance.

Most comedians instinctively know that a sincere, but partial smile (aka a sincere, suppressed smile) is mirrored by the audience and thus is a very effective comedic tool - for the audience's brains are therefore already primed and half-laughing as well. Robin Williams was a master at using such body language.

This second image is another beautiful example of why Williams deserved an Oscar nomination - for here he displays a wonderful expression of emotional dissonance. This smile is both sincere (relaxed forehead, partially closed eyelids, dynamic concave-up furrows in the lower lids and upward vectored cheek contraction - all with good right-left symmetry) and yet Williams' mouth shows very thinned and horizontally stretched lips with a tightened "mustache area". This nonverbal cluster indeed projects two opposing emotions - that of sincere joy for the growth and courage of his former students, and yet bitterness and anger that he was made a scapegoat and had to leave under such conditions.

O' Captain! My Captain!

Bless you Robin Williams. Thank you for the laughter and inspiration. I too sir, am standing on my chair.

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Rory McIlroy won his fourth Major yesterday - becoming the third youngest to do so. Many feel he has a better chance to catch Jack Nicolas's record of 18 major wins than does Tiger Woods.

In this image, McIlroy he has just left his tee shot on the 8th hole (at Valhalla Golf Club) just short of the green. An eye roll is a nonverbal signal of contempt - moreover the vast majority of the time it is a deliberate and thus conscious display - although it can sometimes be an edge-of-consciousness phenomenon. Although eye-rolling is usually directed at others, in this moment McIlroy was filled with self-contempt (and what other thought-emotion?).

What are some other body language signals of contempt?

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