Friday, February 24, 2023

Body Language Analysis No. 4673: One Year On. It's been a year since Russia's full scale Invasion of Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's agony and grief in Bucha.




In the above image, President Zelenskyy is seen on 4 April 2022, witnessing the aftermath of murder and torture unarmed Ukrainians civilians — including children, the elderly, and women — by Russian soldiers in Bucha.




In this close-up image, we are able to see somewhat greater facial detail. In the central portion of President Zelenskyy's forehead, the  juxtaposition of two superficial muscles are manifested (Photo: AFP, Anadolu Agency/Getty Images).














The horizontal furrows (signifying temporary muscle contraction) in the mid-level of the central forehead are formed by active contraction of the frontalis pars medialis. These muscles are pulling upward (superiorly).

The vertical furrows in the lower portion of President Zelenskyy's central forehead are formed by contractions of the depressor glabellae, depressor supercilii, and corrugator supercilii. These muscle contractions are pulling downward (inferiorly) and inward (medially).

In addition, the entire width of the lower forehead, including each eyebrow, is also contracted — vectoring downward, hooding a portion of his eyelids.












President Zelenskyy is looking down and to his right (he may, of course, be looking at bodies of the deceased). Of particular note, the right lower quadrant (his right) is the direction we most often look when we're trying to emotionally process grief, sadness, and agony.

President Zelenskyy's upper eyelids as well as his lower eyelids are partially actively closed (not 'droopy' but actively contracted).

The corners of President Zelenskyy's mouth are also down-turned. His nostrils are flared and his 'mustache area' is also contracted (primarily vertically, but also somewhat horizontally stretched). 


On the left side of President Zelenskyy's neck, it appears that his external jugular vein is moderately distended. This is most likely a manifestation of what is a momentary and partial valsalva-like phenomenon associated with an attempt at suppression of tears and sadness.

SUMMARY:  In the moment captured in this image, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is displaying grief, sadness, and agony upon witnessing the aftermath of War Crimes — Genocide in Bucha. He's actively suppressing tears.