Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Body Language Analysis No. 4674: Emily Kohrs — Fulton County Special Grand Jury Foreperson Investigating Donald Trump's Interference in Georgia's 2020 Presidential Election

On 21 February 2023, Emily Kohrs, the Foreperson for the Fulton County Special Grand Jury investigating Donald Trump's (and his associates) alleged interference in Georgia's 2020 Presidential Election gave multiple Interviews. 

A partial body language, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of one of those interviews (beginning at 1:33 in above link) is included here.

Please note, although Ms. Kohrs' behavior is overtly hyperbolic (i.e., "turned up to a 10") — for interpreting body language in the everyday world, remember that watered-down examples of these same behaviors are ubiquitous.

Thus, when learning a skill, or trying to suss out detail or meaning, sometimes it's useful to exaggerate the vertical scale — later, you can always evaluate more nuanced examples of the same phenomenon.

Said another way, pretend Kohrs was your work colleague — and each of her behaviors was greatly reduced in amplitude (i.e., only 1/4, 1/8, 1/10 as dramatic) — would you then be able to discern what's being communicated?
So while Ms. Kohrs' behavior here is dramatic, it's quite a useful teaching example. Let's begin...

At 1:33 (above), just after the interviewer "Did the grand jury ...", Ms. Kohrs looks down to her right. Gaze to the right lower quadrant can very often be correlated with guilt (both culpability-guilt and shame-guilt) as well as that of sadness/grief and deception.

Because Ms. Kohrs does not display other signals, of deception, sadness/grief, or shame guilt, with high-probability, she is thinking-feeling that Donald Trump bears culpability-guilt.
*All descriptions are below the corresponding images*

A second later, at 1:34 (above), Kohrs displays a Forward Lip Purse. A forward lip purse is a highly reliable sign of (partial or fully) withheld information/nondisclosure of disagreement — and/or a clandestine plan.

As Kohrs is not supposed to disclose recommendations of the Special Grand Jury — but her forward lip purse in this context is setting off alarm bells. This signal is so reliable, we could stop the Analysis here — they will absolutely be recommending Donald Trump be indicted.

Ms. Kohrs' prolonged blink/eyelid closure is an amplifying signal in this setting — a blocking phenomenon allowing her to partially suppress her smile.


As the interviewer finishes her sentence, "... indictment of former President Trump?", Kohrs looks up to her right and partially suppresses a smile (above).

A suppressed smile, particularly one out of context, correlates with deception and/or withheld information. This is an example of a nonverbal behavior that's often referred to as 'Duping Delight.'

Although certainly not absolute, there is a correlation in a fair percentage of individuals with gaze toward their upper right quadrant correlating the with visualization of future events or past events events which were not witnessed.


At 1:40 (above), just after she says, "I am not going to speak on exact indictments", Kohrs thrusts her jaw forward. A jaw thrust is indicative of an adrenaline surge. There is also the beginnings of a suppressed smile displayed in this moment.


Kohrs then, through a head down-tilted gaze, looks at her interviewer whilst displaying an extreme, deliberately hyperbolic/melodramatic suppressed smile (1:41, image above).

The interviewer then says, "Would we be surprised — are there bombshells...", as she says, "bomb" ("bombshells"), Kohrs' looks down to her right, her eyes (eyelids) opens widely and eyebrows elevate (Left > Right), — as she continues to suppress her hyperbolic/melodramatic smile (above).



Ms. Kohrs then (1:45) displays another forward lip purse (partial or fully withheld information/nondisclosure of disagreement — and/or a clandestine plan), above. 


While Kohrs rarely fully stops smiling/suppressing a smile, during 1:47 (above), as she says, "I don't think" (think), we see another extreme example of this display.

Again, a suppressed smile, especially one out of context, strongly correlates with withheld information(and, although not occurring here, deception).

There's also a profound simultaneous jaw thrust (adrenaline surge) expressed simultaneously during this suppressed smile.


From ~1:47 to 1:59 (above), Ms. Kohrs squirms (primarily laterally) in her seat. This behavior is secondary to tightening of glutei, rectal and pelvic floor muscles — and is a highly reliable signal of significant anxiety.


During 1:54 to 1:55 (above), we see a "Head Torque". A head Torque consists of a combined head-neck twisting, turning, and thrusting. A head torque signals the mental-emotional tone of adamancy and high-confidence. It's an alpha/hyper alpha signal.
More pronounced Head Torques often co-exist with anger and/or frustration. It's useful to think of a head torque as saying, "This is what I know to be true" and/or when coexisting with anger and/or frustration, "I don't care what you think".


At 1:55 - 1:56 (above) we see a Bilateral Eyebrow Raise (more pronounced on her left — in this case, probably secondary to asymmetrical Botox administration) with widely opened eyelids. This is, as much of her behavior in this video, overt hyperbole.


During 2:05 (above), we see yet another Jaw Thrust (Adrenaline Surge) with another attempt in Suppressing a Smile (in this context, withheld information).


A second later (2:06, image above), Kohrs displays a Tight Tongue Jut (note the tension in the jaw muscles) signifying the thought-emotions of disgust, disdain, and repulsion (note the tongue is usually in a more of a cylindrical configuration during a Tight Tongue Jut).


Note the extreme Jaw Thrust/Jut at 2:07 (another large adrenaline surge, image above) along with and pronounced Inward Lip Roll (suppressing the crescendo of strong emotions).

Also, along with her Jaw Jut and Inward Lip Roll (image immediately above), Kohrs displays a simultaneous shoulder shrug (in this context, a coy "I don't know").


Another partial Inward Lip Roll along with gaze down to her right is displayed during 2:09 (above).


During 2:10 (above) we see an amalgam of several emotions. Extreme Shoulder Shrugging (Turtling), Suppressed Smiling, Looking down to her right, Prolonged (tight) Eyelid Closure (blocking eye contact in an effort not to smile/laugh), and a Pseudo-fear plus Pseudo-Pain expression.

Kohrs's expression during 2:10 is perhaps her most hyperbolic and extremely out of context given the subject and ramifications of the subject matter of this interview.


During 2:15 - 2:17 we see a combined Head Torque (adamancy and high-confidence) mixed with a Self-Righteous Head Wiggle (High Confidence). Please view the video, as the dynamic nature of this behavior is impossible to capture in an image (above).


Next (2:18, above) Kohrs displays another, somewhat lesser version, of what she did during 2:10 (Suppressed Smile, Turtling/Shoulder Shrugging, Prolonged Eyelid Closure, Pseudo-Fear, Pseudo-Pain).


Although we cannot see directly, beginning at 2:20 (above), Kohrs, with high probability, rubs forward (proximal to distal) down the length of her right thigh. This behavior is highly consistent with withheld or partially disclosed information. 


Another Shoulder Shrug and Suppressed Smile seen at 2:26 (above).


Kohrs' eyes open wide during 2:30 (above). This signifies another Adrenaline Surge and Fear given the ramifications of the Special Grand Jury. 


A second later (2:31), her eyes open even wider (above). This example of widely opened eyelids is extreme given that she's looking down (eyelids normally naturally partially closed) and that her forehead-eyebrows are minimally involved in this moment.


Korhs' eyebrows elevate and her forehead elevates (above) as she displays a false-pout (feigning consideration — but, of course, she knows full well the answer).

SUMMARY: Analysis of Emily Kohrs body language, statement analysis, and paralanguage analysis indicates that the Special Grand Jury for Fulton County will be recommending former President Donald Trump be indicted for his interference in Georgia's 2020 Presidential Election...

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