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Body Language Analysis No. 4378: William Barr questioned regarding The Mueller Report (on 9 April 2019 before the House) - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Tuesday, 9 April 2019, Attorney General William Barr testified before the US House Appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was intended to address the Justice Department budget.  Democrats, however, took the opportunity to ask questions regarding other topics - including special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election. What follows is a partial nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of a portion of AG Barr's questioning by Congresswoman Nita Lowey.

NITA LOWEY (beginning at 7:13): Did the White House see The Report, before you released your summarizing letter? Has the White House seen it since then? Have they been briefed on the contents beyond what was in your summarizing letter - to the, Judiciary Committee?

WILLIAM BARR (beginning at 7:30): Um, I've said what I'm going to say about The Report today. Ah, I've s- 've[stutter] issued three letters about it - annnd [sic] I'm - I was willing to discuss - ahhh the historic information of how Thee [sic] [pause] Report came to me and my decision on Sunday - buuut, I've already laid out the process that is going forward, ah, to release these reports, ah, hopefully ah within a week - and I'm not going to say anything more about it until the report is out and everyone has a chance to look at it.

As soon as Representative Lowey says, "White House" ("Did the White House see The Report" ...), Attorney General Barr Displays an Inward Lip Roll (7:13 - 7:17). An inward lip roll is the psyche's attempt to suppress both the inner crescendo of strong emotions as well as their corresponding facial expressions.

In this context, an extended blink and/or increase of blinking frequency, while not required as part of an inward lip roll (ILR), acts as a nonverbal amplifier.

Note that Barr's forehead muscles are also contracting (across the entire width) and elevating. This is in the opposite direction of his eyelids during a blink (downward). These adjacent tissues moving in opposite directions are yet a further signal of blocking behavior - a manifestation of psychological push-back.

Just after Rep. Lowey says, "Has the White House seen it" (and as she is saying, "since then?"), AG Barr's jaw (mandible) moves to his right (7:20 - 7:21). This is what is known as a Jaw Confessional.

A Jaw Confessional is a nonverbal signal characterized by a quick and short-duration sideways (lateral) movement of the jaw. It indicates shame, regret, embarrassment. However, it's of profound importance here that these emotions are NOT expressed verbally.

Please view the video, as this dynamic is somewhat subtle and not captured well in a single image.

During 7:30, just before he begins speaking (just prior to him saying, "Um, I've said what I'm going to say about The Report today"), Bill Barr displays what is known as a Loose Tongue Jut (Not to be confused with a Tight Tongue Jut or a Wide Open Tongue Jut). A loose tongue jut indicates the though-emotions of:

• I've been bad
• I got caught
• I've just done a stupid thing

This next expression (immediately above), which Barr makes just prior to saying, "issued three letters about it" (7:36) is one of Feigned Consideration and is NEVER made by a person who's in a state of a beta mindset, rather only by individuals who are feeling superior to the others around them. It indicates a classic alpha emotional tone and a not-so-subtle arrogance.

During 7:58, as he says, "not going" ("I'm not going to say anything more about it until the report is out"), Barr displays a Microexpression of Contempt combined with a partial smile of Schadenfreude. Barr is taking true joy-happiness in snubbing Congresswoman Lowery.

Just after he says, "everyone has a chance to look at it", AG Barr displays this expression (during 8:03). This facial configuration is indicative of Disgust combined with Impatience.

From a Statement Analysis standpoint, what's most obvious in this exchange is that AG Barr didn't answer any of Congresswoman Lowey's questions. He stonewalled her.

Barr's use of the word, "hopefully" - is noncommittal and indicates a verbal nonchalance/dominance display. 

Also, take note of Barr's pronouncing the word "the" as "thee" - with a "long e" (ē) - "Thee [pause] Report". This verbal pattern is a subconscious/edge-of-consciousness stalling tactic which is associated with deception and inflated/false importance.

Note also, Barr's use of the phrase "going forward". This word combination is used by those who perceive themselves to be alpha relative to whom they're speaking - and who are also pursuing their agenda. It's a strong signal that the speaker is trying to appear as if they're being objective - yet they're being highly subjective.

SUMMARY: Attorney General Barr's nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior during this exchange with Congresswoman Nita Lowey indicates, with extremely high probability, that President Trump has seen the Muller Report in full.

Moreover, William Barr is taking pleasure (Schadenfreude) in his stonewalling - by not releasing Robert Mueller's Report. In addition, he displays contempt, impatience, and disgust toward Congresswoman Lowey. He believes he is highly alpha to her beta.

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