Monday, May 1, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3926: Donald Trump regarding Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un and Nuclear Threats - Face The Nation Interview - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Sunday's interview of Donald Trump on Face The Nation contained a multitude of nonverbal teaching moments. One very telling example is highlighted here.

JOHN DICKERSON: (beginning at 0:25): Mr. President, you and the administration said to North Korea, "Don't test a missile." They have tested a missile. Is the pressure not working?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, I didn't say, "Don't test a missile." He's going to have to do what he has to do. But he understands we're not going to be very happy. And I will tell you, a man that I've gotten to like and respect, the president of China, President Xi, I believe, has been putting pressure on him also. But so far [Near microexpression, see below] perhaps nothing's happened and perhaps it has. Ah- this was a small missile. This was not a big missile. This was not a nuclear test, which he was expected to do three days ago. Ah, we'll see what happens.

During 0:49, just after Trump says, "But so far...", the President displays a very brief expression (although slightly longer in duration than a microexpression) which is captured below.

Most nonverbal novices will see the disgust on the President's face once this moment is freeze-framed. They will, however, miss the forward jaw thrusting and jaw clenching (indicative of anger). Most will also not nuance the detail of his slightly more partially closed eyelids in this moment - which serve as amplifiers for both of these emotions. His deep inhalation/sniff in this context is also both a signal for and an additional amplifier of disgust.

Notice too how his lips are protruding forward - although the bottom lip much more prominently. The concave-down lip/mouth configuration is also quite dramatic. Coupled with his forward jaw thrusting/clenching, this is indicative of feigning consideration.

Summary: President Trump's group of simultaneous nonverbal displays at 0:49 in this interview (aka a nonverbal "cluster" or sentence) are indicative of an amalgam of false consideration, disgust, impatience, and anger.

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