Sunday, May 21, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3945: Donald Trump's Anxiety - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

This image was taken recently of Donald Trump in the White House. Below is a cropped, close-up view of the same photo.

As a nonverbal exercise, while alone in a quiet room, replicate the President's expression. Proceed in the following order:

1.   Thrust your jaw mildly-moderately forward
2.   Tighten the back (posterior) portion of your jaw muscles (masseter)
3.   Hold your upper and lower teeth about 3-4 mm apart (~1/8 - 1/6 inch)
4.   Draw the corners your mouth inward - pursing your lips ever so slightly -
      but don't push your lips forward - just pull them together
5.   Push your tongue forward, touching with moderate pressure
      on the back sides of your front, lower teeth
6.   Lower the entire width of both of your eyebrows
7.   Slightly elevate your central forehead - this will pull up your inner (medial) eyebrows,
      while leaving your side (lateral) eyebrows lowered (as per no. 6)
8.   Look down to your left
9.   Fixate your gaze at something in the middle distance (e.g., 3-6 meters away)
10. Slightly defocus your eyes
11. Stand up
12. Bend (flex) your neck forward about 15 - 20 degrees
13. Slightly bend your upper back forward ('hunching your back' - in a kyphosis-like rounding)
14. Slightly elevate your shoulders and foreshorten your neck

Now review to be sure you're performing all 14 items. What is the emotion that best describes how you feel?

Adopting this combination of postures and facial configurations will make you feel anxious, hesitant - and quite beta. Thus, not only does a worried person subconsciously morph his or her body language to reflect the way they are feeling in that moment - but the reverse also is true - adopting these nonverbal positions will make you truly feel the emotions that your body is signaling to your brain. The same is true for any feeling. You have the control panel. You're at the helm. You're steering the ship.

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