Monday, May 29, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 3952: Emmanuel Macron's Handshake with Donald Trump at NATO Summit - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Emmanuel Macron went on record yesterday regarding his handshake with Donald Trump at last week's NATO summit. The French President said, "My handshake with him, it's not innocent," and, "One must show that we won't make little concessions, even symbolic ones," as well as, "Donald Trump, the President of Turkey, or the President of Russia are of a mindset of power relations, which doesn't bother me. I don't believe in diplomacy of the public invective - but in bilateral dialogues. I don't let anything go. That's how one makes oneself respected."

In the image above we can see that Macron's jaw is jutting forward significantly. This "Jaw Jut" indicates an adrenaline surge and a strong mental focus - and it also correlates with anger. As the newly elected leader implied, his extra-effort handshake with Trump was very deliberate and planned (Macron's forward and lateral position on his chair, as seen below, gave him extra leverage).

President Macron's mid-face, specifically his "mustache area" is very taut. His nostrils are also flared. This nonverbal cluster signals disgust with a minor element of anger.

A few seconds later we see Donald Trump's fingers straighten out in a signal of acquiescence. This is very much akin to a theatrical wrestler slapping the mat, thus nonverbally screaming, "I give up. You won."

While Trump may be in some pain in this moment, his facial expression does not indicate discomfort (What crucial change should we see on his face, if he were experiencing significant pain?). Rather, Trump's expression is one of pure disgust (unlike Macron's mixed emotions). The French President is maintaining his jaw jut and disgust - along with a new element of contempt with a partially suppressed smile. This nonverbal cluster (combination) signals Macron's schadenfreude.

Summary: Donald Trump very much acquiesced in his recent handshake with Emmanuel Macron. Both men displayed disgust toward the other. Macron momentarily also felt some anger, contempt, and schadenfreude.

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