Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3873: Brie Larson's Eyes, The Bachelor, and the Edge of Consciousness - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Brie Larson is a phenomenal actor - and she has an Oscar to prove it. Ms. Larson was recently a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! promoting her latest film, Kong: Skull Island.

Several times during this video clip, Brie displays a particular nonverbal sign which is virtually never discussed in any body language text, yet you've most certainly seen it many times: Asymmetrical Blinking. An excellent example is seen as Larson and Kimmel discuss when The (current) Bachelor (Nick Viall) came to Brie's house for a viewing of the show in which he stars.

Jimmy Kimmel (beginning at 6:01): Did you q, quiz him? Did he answer questions?

Brie Larson: He did. 

Jimmy Kimmel: Yeah?

Brie Larson: I mean he didn't give any spoilers. 

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh, he didn't?!

Brie Larson: Which I think - is what you're supposed to do when you're a bachelor.

During 6:06 - 6:07 as well as 6:08 - 6:09, as Brie Larson says, "... is what you're supposed ...", and again when she says, "...bachelor ...", she displays asymmetrical blinking several times.

Asymmetrical blinking is characterized by one eyelid closing while the other remains partially open and/or re-opens while the other remains mostly closed. This very often occurs several times in rapid succession, but it may happen more slowly.

The asymmetrical blink is somewhat similar to an eye roll - for they both indicate, at least in part, the emotion of Contempt. An asymmetrical blink, however, encompasses other emotions as well: Sarcasm, Feigned Disbelief and Pretentiousness.

Ms. Larson is being somewhat playful here, so in this context, her emotional display is a form of, "A play within a play".

Eye rolling and an asymmetrical blink also differs in the level of consciousness at which they occur. An eye roll is primarily a conscious phenomenon (and dips a bit into the edge-of-consciousness realm) - whereas an asymmetrical blink occurs a bit deeper - mostly at the edge of consciousness and slightly into the subconscious

Summary: An Asymmetrical Blink is a nonverbal mixture display of Contempt, Sarcasm, feigned disbelief and Pretentiousness. Whenever you see it, know also it's occurring with a component of insincerity (and remember, in this example, Larson is being deliberately hyperbolic in her 'acting' within an interview.

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