Monday, March 13, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3877: Kellyanne Conway re: "Wiretapping" Investigation - Alpha Displays - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last night, during a video interview with The Bergen Record, Kellyanne Conway seemed to suggest that there had been a wider surveillance of President Donald Trump during the campaign - more comprehensive and wide-sweeping than the President has alleged during his Tweeting accusations of wiretapping by President Obama. Her statement of how, "microwaves that turn into cameras", has indeed drawn heavy criticism. This morning, on several news shows, Ms. Conway then walked back her insinuation - saying she was taken out of context.

The above video contains a portion of The Bergen Record interview - and the image below is isolated from 0:29, just prior to Ms. Conway saying, "What is the existing investigation about?".

While Ms. Conway does have a somewhat prominent jaw, she does not have an underbite (Mandibular Prognathism). You will note during this (and many other) interviews, when she feels particularly confident - in an alpha emotion-mental tone - her jaw juts out, in a forward direction (and is quite noticeable). This Alpha Jaw Thrusting is a signal of high adrenaline and it's one of many hyper-confident (hyper-alpha) body language displays. It's virtually never seen when a person is in a beta emotional state.

In the context of a negotiation, sales, or any interaction, the presence of alpha jaw thrusting can be a profoundly valuable nonverbal tell. Often a person's words may seem as if they view you as a peer - and that your interests' and their interests' are equal. Yet in such settings, be sure to ALWAYS correlate their verbal and nonverbal behavior - for when you see frequent and prominent jaw thrusting, it may very well be telling you - that although the other person may be "saying all the right things" - their body language is telling you what they're truly thinking and feeling.

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