Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3871: Emma Watson's Old Habit, Harry Potter Outtake and Anxiety - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTO)

During Emma Watson's recent guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the accomplished actor was embarrassed by an outtake from the first Harry Potter Film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

 A body language analysis allows us to examine the moment in greater detail. Anticipating the outtake, Ms. Watson displays several nonverbal anxiety indicators, two variations of which are discussed here. 

JIMMY KIMMEL (continuing at 0:12): So, so, and then you get involved in this thing and little do you know it would it would take you all the way to adulthood -

EMMA WATSON: [Deep inhale]

KIMMEL: Which is really crazy, I mean, nobody has that experience

WATSON: No, I mean - yeah, I, no one goes to the first audition they've ever been to in their entire life and then - makes those movies for over a decade. I mean, like that doesn't happen -

KIMMEL (over-talking): No, it just doesn't ever happen. It's almost like you have magic powers or something.

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

WATSON: Almost.

KIMMEL: In a way - literally. Now there's a videotape that I dunno, somebody here on the s, show [stutter] found -th, this is like an outtake from the movie -

WATSON: Oh yeah -

KIMMEL: And it's, do you, you - now I want, I want to encourage people to watch, um, watch very closely - watch Emma's lips very closely throughout this, 'cause I, I'll ask you to explain this to me.

As Jimmy Kimmel says, "... it would it would take you all the way to adulthood, continuing through the audible, deep inhalation of Watson's (0:16 - 0:19) - Emma scratches her right shoulder/base of her neck with her right hand (thumb and forefinger).

A few moments later (0:40 - 0:43), as Kimmel says, "... video tape that I dunno, somebody here on the s, show [stutter] found -th ...", Ms. Watson then reaches across her torso with her right hand and scratches her left shoulder.

Touching one's shoulder, neck or arm with a scratching or rubbing are signals of a shift from a relative alpha or neutral mental state - down to a relative beta emotional tone. Generally speaking, the higher on the body the scratching-rubbing occurs, the greater the anxiety level. Moreover, reaching across one's body to scratch-rub-touch the opposite side - has the additional momentary protective effect of covering and blocking the torso and thus indicates an increase level of worrying or, depending on the other nonverbal, verbal and paralanguage signals present - it may also indicate intimidation.

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