Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3835: Beauty and the Beast – Official Final Trailer - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Official US Trailer for the much anticipated latest version of Beauty and The Beast was released today. No doubt Emma Watson will remake Belle's character into stronger, yet still caring and compassionate protagonist. We also see Luke Evans, who plays the character Gaston demonstrating a profoundly important body language tell which is isolated and discussed here.

Early in the trailer, Gaston can be seen admiring his own image in a mirror (0:11- 0:16). A screen-shot of a portion of this segment is captured immediately above.

Gaston is also seen briefly during later portions of the trailer. This second image is from 1:49.

Note that in both of these examples, Gaston's (Evans') Central Forehead Muscle is contracted - and more specifically also Elevated. This finding is often abbreviated as a "CFC" or "Elevated CFC".

In addition, Gaston is displaying a partial mouth smile. It's crucial to point out that this is NOT a sincere smile, and if we look only at the mouth component, it is very often, somewhat subtle, partially suppressed AND asymmetrical.

We all (every human being with functioning facial muscles and a corresponding healthy nervous system) make this expression from time-to-time. For it can be seen during some displays of arrogance, contempt and incredulity. Of course, we all feel these emotions occasionally - but hopefully not too often. It's also very important to point out that all three of these emotions are manifested more commonly via other facial expressions.

Yet when an individual makes this particular expression of a partial/suppressed/often asymmetric mouth smile with an accompanying elevated central forehead contraction often (as does about 4% of the population) - it has an extremely high correlation with a sociopathic personality (Antisocial Personality Disorder).

So, although I've not yet been invited for an early screening, it seems that Luke Evans was well-cast as the primary antagonist.

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