Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3823: Nina Dobrev, Flyboarding, Laughter and a Rapport/Bonding Amplifier - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Nina Dobrev was recently a guest on The Tonight Show promoting her recent film xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

When Jimmy Fallon wanted to see a video of Ms. Dobrev Flyboarding, and after the wrong video was shown - and then shown again, a wonderful nonverbal display was exemplified.

Beginning at 1:57 and lasting for about two seconds (and captured in the image below at 1:58) after beginning to laugh - Nina Dobrev leans toward Jimmy Fallon with her head and torso.

Laughter is primarily a bonding and rapport phenomena. Most people are surprised to find out that the vast majority of the time, humor is secondary. And in those scenarios when humor is the primary reason we laugh - bonding and rapport building remain major components of the overall behavior. In this moment, Dobrev initiates the lean toward Fallon. Although Fallon was forcing his laughter (because he had foreknowledge of the prank) and Nina was "feeling it more" (sincere in her laughter) - Jimmy still reciprocates Nina's leaning. This is a natural thing to do even if we feel a little bit friendly toward the other person. Thus we also see here an excellent example of another body language behavior - that of "Mirroring". Without trying to, Dobrev very naturally amplified their (platonic) bond.

Although this action may be seen between any two people (someone whom we just met or with platonic friendships), the frequency of this nonverbal behavior occurs in proportion to the level of affection between those involved. Indeed in some of these circumstances the leaning toward another person progresses to head touching - usually involving the regions near the eye and/or temple. It also may involve touching the hand, arm, shoulder or upper back (although this second type of touching is also affectionate and amplifies bonding and rapport, it is not as intimate as head touching).

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