Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3644: Eric Trump, Humayun Khan, Sexual Harassment and Patronizing Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday, Eric Trump - the son of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, was a guest on CBS This Morning where he discussed his father's escalating fight with the parents of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died a hero on the battlefield in 2004. Eric Trump also spoke of his own father, his sister Ivanka - and his thoughts on sexual harassment in the workplace - for which he received tremendous criticism far and wide.

During this interview, Eric Trump repeated used a body language display known as a "Pseudo-prayer" where the hands are placed together in a praying configuration. With the exception of a religious context, begging and a small number of cultural settings, the use of this gesture indicates arrogance and a condescending emotional tone.

If you see the pseudo-prayer (outside the above exceptions), you can be almost 100% certain that that person displaying it believes that they're in the right and believes the person(s) with whom they're speaking/interacting is wrong. This body language is significantly more commonly displayed by the wealthy, powerful ... and narcissistic - thus those who are more likely to abuse their power (and harass).

The additional dynamic of an up-and-down chopping motion amplifies the already patronizing emotional tone of the pseudo-prayer.

When the pseudo-prayer is being used, the words often being simultaneously expressed may appear to attempting to build rapport and understanding (e.g., during a negotiation or in the sales process) - but in such settings, the person rarely changes their position. Take caution - for when kind verbal language, appearing to be "reasonable" is used in conjunction with the pseudo-prayer - it's the body language which is telling their true thoughts and emotions. In short, the Pseudo-prayer is a big red flag.

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