Monday, September 9, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2515:
Eliot Spitzer vs. Scott Stringer - Insincere Smile with Anger Component - Body Language and the NYC Comptroller Race (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Scott Stringer (left), Manhattan Borough President and Eliot Spitzer (right) former Governor of New York are in a dead heat for the Democratic nomination for the Comptroller of New York City. This primary will be held tomorrow.

In the photo above (with high magnification shown below) Eliot Spitzer displays an insincere smile. While Spitzer does have a prominent jaw, he does not have an under-bite. Note his jaw is jutting significantly forward - which is known as a "Jaw Jut" and is a strong nonverbal signal which is NEVER seen in the context of a sincere smile. Indeed the jaw jut is highly consistent with anger.

In addition Spitzer's lower teeth are exposed. When the bottom teeth are visible, the smile is also NOT a Duchenne smile.

There are a good many types of "false smiles" (how many do you know?). People tend to have a favored species of these "social smiles". This jaw jut with lower teeth exposed variety is Eliot Spitzer's default feigned smile.

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