Friday, September 27, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2537: Kenya Mall Attack Witness, Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Throughout this video, Ms. Sneha Kathari-Mashru, an eyewitness to the Westgate Mall Shooting in Nairobi, Kenya, describes some of what she saw there and a harrowing escape from near-death. Her disgust of the terrorists, apparently members of Al-Shabaab, is readily seen via her nonverbal displays - two examples of which are isolated in detail below. One of these occurs during speech while the other is between words. Variations such as these are important to recognize in real-time, lest you observe - but falsely diagnose the emotions before you.

At 0:41, just as she says "... so ..." within the sentence, "He was so heartless, he was inhuman...", Sneha Kathari-Mashru displays a microexpression/near-microexpression of disgust.

This particular photo of a disgust expression is captured during speech. This is one reason it looks different when compared to another example of this same emotion when not speaking (below).

As Ms. Kathari-Mashru says,  "... he did not have the sense that he was shooting a small innocent child, or a lady or a man ... he just kept on spraying his gun at whoever he felt like ..."

An expression of disgust is seen at 0:54, just before Sneha says "... spraying ..." and takes place in an instant between speech.

Disgust is a powerful emotion - one for which you never want to be the recipient. Can you recognize subtle examples of disgust? How about its microexpressions?

What other body language and corresponding emotions did you see in this video?

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