Monday, August 22, 2011

Body Language Secret # 309: Road Rage and Self-Awareness

When we drive our vehicles become extensions of our bodies. We become very territorial and protective in a manner that later surprises us. Rarely are we aware or even remotely objective of these emotion when they are happening. The next time another driver cuts you off, resist the temptation to look over as you pass him/her. In times past when you have done so, even for a split-second, this simple physical act dialed-up your blood pressure, your pulse, your adrenaline and your tendency to rationalize. Not doing so adjusts all these important emotional modifiers in a healthy and opposite direction. Being fully mindful of these physiologic propensities we all have, will allow us to control them in real-time, or even as these negative emotions are in crescendo. A tremendous, but rarely mentioned benefit of body language is this heightened emotional awareness and thus less anger and its many negative consequences.