Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Body Language Secret # 323:
Her Body Language Matches Her Words

Eva Mendes never gets enough credit. Sure she's gorgeous - and she certainly gets attention for her looks. But she's also incredible at matching her Nonverbal signals to her words and the overall dynamics of the scene and script. For being a good or great actor/actress is non just about delivering on a few words. Anyone can memorize and then speak a line. But to deliver it with just the right tone, volume, crescendo/decrescendo, pitch etc., not too many get right. And then add on Body Language - very few actors can combine all with consistency. I believe when we say, "She's a great actress" - what we really mean, is that she made me feel like I was there/she was REALLY the person on the screen/I forgot I was watching a movie, etc. Another way the pros say this is, she "suspended my disbelief". Well, you can't really suspend people's disbelief without pulling off the Body Language equation to the acting formula. Hats off to Ms. Mendes and so many other actors and actresses who, perhaps get attention for their attractiveness, rather than their acting. Thank you Eva.