Monday, June 19, 2023

Body Language Analysis №4699: Donald Trump's Forward Lip Purse  — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS with ANALYSIS)

In the image above, Donald Trump is displaying what is known as a Forward Lip Purse — a profoundly telling, under-appreciated, and thus extremely valuable nonverbal behavior.


A Forward Lip Purse is a highly reliable signal of one of three thought-emotions (of which there’s significant):


A. Clandestine plans — the person is planning an act(s) which they’re deliberately keeping from you.


B. Undisclosed Information (i.e., a body language signal of a ‘Lie of Omission’).


C. Undisclosed (fully or partially) disagreements. Crucially, they *may* in fact be voicing *some* disagreement — but their internal disagreement is much stronger than what they’re saying out-loud (verbally).


A large percentage of the time, however, a person will be voicing no disagreement whatsoever — AND they’re displaying a Forward Lip Purse.


Either way (whether they’re voicing little or no disagreement), when you see a Forward Lip Purse — be warned!


Unless it’s in the context of playing/a recognized (and consensual) game atmosphere — if your boss is displaying a Forward Lip Purse — immediately protect your flanks, for they’re planning to fire you.


Similarly, outside an obvious and consensual game scenario — anytime your spouse/partner is displaying a Forward Lip Purse — they’re holding back significant information — and keeping secrets from you.


Moreover, there’s a high probability they’re actively planning a divorce, its equivalent, or a betrayal of some type.


It’s important to not confuse a Forward Lip Purse from other types of Lip Pursing — i.e., such as a Lateral Lip Purse (here displayed by Scarlett Johansson) which have completely different meanings.


When they’re being observant, individuals who have good body language instincts, but who lack formal nonverbal training will feel sudden cognitive-emotional dissonance when they see Forward Lip Pursing.



A Forward Lip Purse is always displayed by a person who perceives themself to be an alpha personality — with significant intelligence, resources, and/or hidden advantage relative to their audience.


SUMMARY: When you see a Forward Lip Purse, your psyche should be screaming — warning you. They’re lying and/or keeping secrets — and, with high probability, planning to betray you.

Red lights flashing and sirens blaring.


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