Thursday, June 29, 2023

BodyLanguage Analysis №4702: A Crucial Human-to-Human and Cross-Species Signal of Affection - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


A common SINCERE body language signal of human-to-human affection is the act of touching one’s forehead, temple, or periocular region to one or more of those same locations on the other person.


Although it’s not a required component for this display, when the eyes (eyelids) are closed — it’s an affection-amplifier.


This affectionate nonverbal display behavior is also true within much of the animal world.



It’s also a pattern of behavior that persists cross-species.


SUMMARY: Touching one’s forehead, temple, or periocular region to one or more of those same areas on the other person is a common and reliable sign of sincere affection.

Persistent lack of this behavior — and not bending one’s neck to reciprocate, are red flags.


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