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Body Language Analysis No. 4389: Jeffrey Epstein's Default Expression - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday 6 July 2019 for allegedly sex-trafficking dozens of minors in Florida and New York between 2002 and 2005. He will appear in federal court in New York today. He's an American financier and registered sex offender. Epstein has multiple US residences, including one in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was initially employed at the investment bank Bear Stearns - and left to start his own firm, J. Epstein & Co. As a hedge fund manager, he became a billionaire.

In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution - for which he served thirteen months of a suspiciously lenient eighteen-month sentence. Moreover, he was allowed to spend twelve hours a day, six days a week outside of confinement, in his personal office, on a "work release". It's also important to note, he was not in prison - but rather when confined, he was in a private wing of a Palm Beach County, Florida jail.

Most all human beings have a default facial expression which is neutral - not Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein's face tends to adopt a peculiar default expression. What follows is a nonverbal analysis of this behavior.

The majority of people would say that Epstein is not smiling in the above image - even though his mouth corners are up-turned - and they would be 100% correct. The outside/lateral portions of his upper and lower lips are brought together - while the more anterior/medial aspects of his lips are pursed - and protruding mildly forward. Not surprisingly, this is known as a Forward Lip Purse.

A forward lip purse (not to be confused with a lateral lip purse) indicates the withholding of information (i.e., a clandestine disagreement and/or a hidden plan). In addition, a forward lip purse is only displayed when a person believes they have a good chance of success in carrying out their covert actions.

Only a person who perceives themselves to be an alpha/the dominant personality present displays a forward lip purse. A person in the midst of a beta emotional moment never makes this expression.

If one is expecting or presuming honesty, the presence of a forward lip purse should NEVER be displayed. In a marriage, a business partnership, in a courtroom witness, a politician, etc. - a forward lip purse is a profound red flag. This point cannot be overemphasized.

Note also, Epstein's eyes - they are partially closed. In particular, his lower eyelids are displaying some moderate degree of tension and his eyebrows are lowered. These eye-related findings indicate disagreement and a mild, but suppressed anger.

Take care not to confuse a forward lip purse with a lateral lip purse - for they have completely different meanings.

Contrast Epstein's lower eyelids in this second image with those in the first photo.

We see a concave-up furrow in each lower eyelid together with partially closed lids. Epstein's mouth still has the forward lip purse displayed along with the peculiar pressing together of his outer/lateral portions of his lips - although this characteristic is somewhat less pronounced in this example.

Most people would identify this as a smile - and they'd be correct. It's a true/sincere smile (a Duchenne Smile). Yet, crucially, sincerity does not indicate ethical motives. Because Epstein continues to display a forward lip purse - we know he is taking joy-happiness in his surreptitious plans.

This next image is similar to the previous one - but Epstein's smile is not as sincere (or possibly it's decrescendoing) - as his eyes are opened slightly wider and his superimposed forward lip purse is more pronounced. Note its somewhat spooky similarity to the Batman character's, The Joker's smile.

Whenever you see this expression - don't trust it.

In this fourth and final image, we again see Epstein again making a forward lip purse, however - similar to the first photo, his expression also has a component of anger. The downward tilt of his head and the further, tense closing of his eyelids - both indicate he's feeling angrier compared with the first example.

Epstein's lateral gaze - colloquially known as a Side Eye - is a classic gaze pattern shown by all human beings when we're looking at someone who we:

• Don't like
• Don't trust/don't believe
• Don't respect

Note too, the slightly greater tension of the tissue beneath his nose and above his upper lip (the mustache area). This finding is also consistent with anger.

Epstein's right head tilt (his right) could be his attempt at appearing sincere - a technique sometimes employed by sociopaths. Another highly possible etiology could be a congenital, left IV Cranial Nerve palsy (aka a Trochlear Nerve Palsy) - an ailment which is not uncommon.

SUMMARY:  Jeffrey Epstein's default expression, a Forward Lip Purse, indicates his withholding of information - that of a hidden plan and/or an undisclosed disagreement. In these images, the Billionaire believed himself to be alpha/dominant and those with whom he was interacting to be beta/subordinate. He was hyper-confident/arrogant in his belief of success in initiating and executing his furtive acts.

Everyday insincere default expressions are truly forms of living masks worn by "regular" people all around us - and yet these feigned feelings frequently go unrecognized.

It's crucial to emphasize that none of the expressions shown here are indications of - or correlate specifically with sex-related crimes.

Yet it's also important to stress, regardless of your endeavors - whether you're a playing Monopoly, speaking to your spouse, counseling a patient, cross-examining a witness, or negotiating with a criminal for the release of a hostage - when your opposition displays a forward lip purse - protect your flank.

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