Sunday, February 4, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4196: Trey Gowdy on "Face The Nation" - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Trey Gowdy, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee was a guest on Face the Nation Sunday Morning (4 February 2018). The above video contains an excerpt of that appearance. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Representative Gowdy.

MARGARET BRENNAN (beginning at 5:38): Do you think you served justice in your time in Congress?

TREY GOWDY: [Lip smack] Ah, not like I did in my previous job - I tried, ahum [∆, Loose Tongue Jut, Side to Side Head Shaking]. It's about winning in politics - and ahum [§, Regret Expression] That is not what the [stutter]c- courtroom - there's a reason - we throw out search warrants even though we found the murder weapon. There's a reason we throw out [stutter] con, c-, confessions even though we think the person did it [Ω, Loose Tongue Jut]. The process matters [Side to Side Head Shaking]. The end does not justify the means - and in [up-talking] politics - [Side to Side Head Shaking] it's just about winning - [stuttering] and, and I, I can't, I don't wanna live like that.

During 5:45 (as he says, "ahum", and just after he says, "... not like I did in my previous job - I tried ...", Representative Gowdy displays a Loose Tongue Jut.

A Loose Tongue Jut (not to be confused with a Tight Tongue Jut) is a signal of emotions: "I've been bad" or "I've been caught" (Navarro). It has a self-deprecating element to it.

Just after saying, "... It's about winning in politics - and ...", Representative Gowdy displays a classic Regret Expression (5:48).

Another Loose Tongue Jut was displayed during 6:00, just prior to Representative Gowdy saying, "... The process matters ..."

Moreover, notice how Trey Gowdy is looking down and to his right during a large portion of this exchange. This is the quadrant that most people look toward the vast majority of the time when expressing sincere and deep sadness, regret, and/or shame

Summary: Representative Trey Gowdy was sincere during this segment of the interview. He feels regret, sadness - and even some shame regarding his experience in the political realm.

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