Thursday, February 1, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4193: Hope Hicks, Sexual Attraction, Armpits, and Elbows - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

Yesterday, in a triple-sourced article, The New York Times reported that Mark Corallo (who served as a spokesman for Donald Trump's legal team before resigning in July) has concerns that the White House communications director Hope Hicks "could be contemplating obstructing justice".

Specifically, Ms. Hicks allegedly told President Trump on a conference call that Donald Trump Jr.'s emails "will never get out,". It's also reported that Mr. Corallo plans to share this information with special counsel Robert Mueller.

The above picture of Hope Hicks was taken in early November 2017. She was on a small boat with other members of the President's entourage - on their way to the Pearl Harbor memorial. This stop in Hawai'i occurred just prior to Donald Trump's five-nation Asia trip.

With rare exception, whenever a woman exposes her armpits - and more specifically as Ms. Hicks is doing here - directed OUT LATERALLY (not straight ahead) - it's a subtype of high-alpha nonverbal behavior. More specifically, this display is very strong signal of both sexual attraction and putting oneself on sexual display.

Hicks' sexual emotions are being amplified even further via the upward direction of her elbows.

Of course, both men and women need (and feel the need) to adjust their hair. However, regardless of gender, no one ever makes this configuration without first feeling high levels of emotional confidence (alpha emotions). Moreover, with women, it's extremely rare for this behavior (arms held high, elbows out laterally) to occur without the presence of either significant sexual attraction and/or in the absence of a sexual display.

Summary: Hope Hicks is, with very high probability, sexually attracted to the man with whom she's speaking - and she wants him to know it.

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