Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3147: Kentucky Loses to Wisconsin in Final Four - John Calipari's Body Language (PHOTOS)

The Wisconsin Badgers upset the Kentucky Wildcats in second Final Four game of today's NCAA basketball's tournament. In this image, Kentucky's head coach, John Calipari is shown with both hands on the sides of his face - primarily his cheeks and jaw. His jaw, while partially open - is not characteristic of surprise. This is a "slack-jawed" sign. The entire width of his lower forehead shows mild-moderate contraction (although this is suppressed - particularly on the top half of his forehead - for it has been treated with Botox) and his eyelids are partially closed (loosely) along with his inner (media) eyebrows being directed downward. This body language cluster configuration is indicative of emotional-shock and disbelief.

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