Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3151: Barack Obama and Raúl Castro Shake Hands - Body Language (PHOTOS)

Handshakes are very crucial moments - particularly between World leaders whose countries' have not had formal relations in over 50 years.

Most of the time President Obama has significantly superior body language skills, yet during the recent meeting with Raúl Castro at the VII Summit of the Americas, POTUS dropped the ball.

There are many important components of a sincere and rapport-building handshake. These include the orientation of the feet, hips, torso, head and eyes. During the handshake, pointing these body parts towards the other person projects sincerity and respect. In both of these photos, Barack is significantly angled away from Raúl - thus some disrespect is being signaled here. Conversely, Mr. Castro is pointed toward the American President.

Can you name and do you practice the other ingredients of a quality handshake?

To engender optimum rapport, what should occur with the angle of the torso, hips and feet (relative to the other person) once the handshake is complete yet conversation is ongoing?

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