Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3163: Robert Downey Jr. Interview Part Deux - Body Language mistakes interviewers and negotiators should never make ... (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Robert Downey Jr. walks out during an interview promoting the film, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Part Deux.

While naturally the cameras were, the majority of the time, trained on Robert Downey Jr., some of the time we could see Krishnan Guru-Murthy. There is a clear pattern that develops here - as Guru-Murthy's words and questions as well as his vocal qualities grew more offensive and condescending - his body language did as well. This DOES indicate sincerity - in other words, although these qualities are not desirable, the triad of verbal language, vocal qualities (paralanguage) and his Body Language - were all congruent and all trended in the negative direction as this interview proceeded.

What follows here is a partial analysis of some of this negative behavioral pattern.


Displayed early on,
a Palms Up Illustrator is very
rapport building and non-confrontational. 

This is consistent with and fosters - both trust and openness to questions while still being assertive.


Mr. Guru-Murthy pointed several multiple times at Robert Downey Jr.

Index Finger Pointing is universally (World-wide) interpreted as offensive, reprimanding and patronizing. It never builds bridges - rather it destroys rapport.

If you want to build your ego - go ahead and point though ....


Palms out - toward audience (even an audience of one)

Fingers moderately tense - here a modification of "The Claw" and the "Split Finger Fastball" a good alpha-beta hybrid with a large audience, but in front of just one person this can often be too aggressive and inflammatory. There are elements of the "Dominant Spider" here too.


Palms out and fingers straightened with increased tension - pointed at Robert Downey Jr.

This illustrator is often used by politicians and those asserting authority, yet it often backfires if not used in proper contexts and in small doses. With an interviewer this body language projects a disproportionate authority and condescending emotional tones which are not conducive to a good interview or favorable negotiations.

Words, vocal qualities (paralanguage) and nonverbal signals must always be congruent. When they're not - something is wrong. Moreover - when they are parallel, they should be fully understood and directed in a manner which engenders rapport and never to inflame. It's as if we're all given a room full of instruments - anyone can make noise, but hopefully we play music.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy self-destructed like a slow motion car crash.

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