Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Romance, Marriage and Dating - Body Language Secret # 771:
Ann's and Mitt's Affectionate Hug

Mitt and Ann Romney are shown here just after the former Massachusetts Governor's narrow victory in the Iowa Caucuses last night. One signal of a truly affectionate hug is beautifully exemplified here (particularly by Ann Romney) in the head-to-head, neck-to-head and head to chest/shoulder touching. Surface area contact between these areas are directly proportional to the level of affection felt in that moment. Mitt is leaning forward, which is certainly affectionate in this context - however if his head were tilted to his right (towards Ann) - it would be an even stronger emotional display. A twist to this nonverbal in this particular setting though - is that a neck tilt often sends vulnerability signals. Thus although there are exceptions, it is unusual for politicians and other leaders to tilt their heads when in public. Mitt is also in the midst of mental multitasking, ergo his emotions and thoughts are more divided, while Ann is more focused in the moment.

Additionally, eyelid closure during an embrace is strongly correlated with sincere affection. Those who hug with open eyelids are either lacking in affection or emotionally/mentally distracted. When hugs between lovers begin to lack the head, neck, upper chest contact described above or show diminishing eyelid closure - the love is waning.

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