Thursday, August 22, 2019

Body Language Analysis No. 4394: Donald Trump, "I am The Chosen One" - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday, on the South Lawn of the White House, President Trump looked skyward and proclaimed, "I am the chosen one".

To give this quote proper context, we should note that early this morning, Donald Trump had tweeted - quoting Wayne Allyn Root (Trump supporter, American conservative author, radio host, and conspiracy theorist) from statements Root recently made during his Talk TV show.

During yesterday's White House South Lawn presser, Donald Trump said (continuing from 1:24 in the above video), "... And not only that, if you take a look - intellectual - property - theft - add that to it - and add a lot of other things to it. So somebody - excuse me - somebody had ta do it. I am the chosen one. Somebody had to do it. So I'm taking on China..."

Immediately after the President said,  "So somebody - excuse me - somebody had ta do it", he rotated his body to his left, tilted his head-neck backward, and looking skyward he said (beginning at 1:37), "I am the chosen one".

From a nonverbal perspective, Trump's sudden nonverbal dynamic was not in reference to China. His change in body posture and upward gaze were intended to evoke an obvious and direct religious meaning. Trump was, on live television, before the world, looking heavenly and proclaiming that he is God, god-like, the second coming, etc., or some variation thereof.

Moreover, we should take careful note, that Trump wasn't asking God - or thanking God when he made this statement. Trump's words, in both definition and tone, were declarative. Trump was telling God that he, Donald Trump, is "the chosen one".


Yesterday, the President of the United States tweeted:

A. "... the Jewish People in Israel love him (Trump) like he's the King of Israel"
B. "... they love him (Trump) like he is the second coming of God"

And, incredibly, yesterday on the South Lawn of White House, Trump looked Heavenward (or he wanted us to believe he was looking to Heaven) and said to God (or he wanted us to believe he was speaking to God), "I am the chosen one".

Donald Trump either believes and/or wants his followers to believe, that he is God or god-like. His classic cult-leader behavior is both blatant and profoundly dangerous.

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