Saturday, September 24, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 351:
Some Subtle and not-so-subtle signs of
anxiety, discomfort, anger, fear, etc.

In this Video excerpt from the Cannes Film Festival from the Spring of 2011, the director Lars Von Trier makes an incredible ass of himself in some bizarre attempt at publicity. In it, he says among other things that he himself is a Nazi and says he understands Hitler. I include this video because the woman sitting to Trier's left is Kirsten Dunst, who later won the Best Actress Award for her role in his movie "Melancholia" at Cannes. Throughout this 2 minute 16 second video, Dunst exhibits many body language and facial signals of anxiety, fear, decision making, anger, attempts at controlling her own temper (at what he is doing to her, their colleagues, etc.) embarrassment, and several other emotions. It is an excellent example of how difficult our emotions and subsequently expressed body language is to control, even if you make your living acting. If you know what to look for, very few people can fool you. There are over 50 significant signs in this video. How many can you spot?