Friday, September 30, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 234: Their Lips Tell the Story

Terry Francona, the very recent former Boston Red Sox Manager (left) and Executive Vice President & General Manager, Theo Epstein (right) are pictured here during a recent game. Their lips, while not the only nonverbal signals here, let us read their emotions. Francona's Lips are pursed, mild to moderately, which is a signal of disagreement (Navarro) in the context of confidence (Brown). It's a strong indication that he has an idea/alternative which he believes is superior to what is being said/displayed. When you see lip pursing you very often WON'T hear the person voice their disagreement, so be prepared for stealth, lest you find out their intentions too late.

Theo Epstein is displaying an example of an "Inward Lip Roll" (albeit out-of-focus here). He is feeling anxiety with a component of anger. When you see this sign, it's an indication that their fuse is growing shorter. You may very well want to temporarily steer clear. It is very instructive to think of this Body Language Beckon as the psyche calling on its inner reserves - in an effort not lose patience (Brown).