Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Romance and Dating Secret # 202: Revealed in a Kiss -
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

Both Prince Albert of Monaco and his new Princess/Wife Charlene (formerly Charlene Wittstock) both show us (and the World) multiple emotional tells shown in this YouTube video Clip of their Civil Wedding Ceremony on Friday 1 July 2011. Prince Albert is extremely nervous as evidenced by his facial tick. At first this looks like multiple winks of his left eye, but if you watch it carefully, you'll see this is involuntary. These are coexistent with microexpressions of contempt. We don't know who(m) this contempt is directed at - but he is feeling it rather strongly. He also displays a very classic display of a microexpression of fear. His blink rate is considerably more than normal, which is yet another display of anxiety.

Interestingly, the Princess is much less nervous. But what is more demonstrable on Charlene's face is a great example of a subtle contempt display (while the display is subtle, the contempt is considerable) - immediately followed by sadness.  

In the above photo, when the couple kisses in the Public Ceremony, the Prince looks nervous once again, and while he closes his eyes before the kiss, he opens them during the kiss. This lack of eye closure during the kiss is a very reliable indicator that true affection was not the primary emotion he was feeling at that moment. If one repeatedly keeps his/her eyes open during kisses with their romantic partner, this is a signal that affection is waning, has waned or perhaps was never there to begin with.