Sunday, December 19, 2010

Negotiation Secret # 16: Deception Detection DJ's Daughter

Amber Stevens, daughter of Shadoe Stevens, is shown here scratching her philtrum (the medial
cleft which runs from the center-bottom of the nose to the central-upper lip). This is an example
of an "Adaptor" which is highly correlative with hearing a lie. Her head is tilted down and her
body and face are oblique to whomever she is looking at. We don't face/look directly at those
who we don't trust or don't like. She is at a public gathering and since she enjoys some celebrity
status, Ms. Stevens sports a pretty good "social smile". Except for her social smile though,
Amber is displaying a gesture cluster consistent with  anxiety at the time of this photo - and there's
a pretty good chance that she believes she's just heard a lie.