Monday, December 20, 2010

Negotiation Secret # 12:
Subtle Anger with Disrespect/Mistrust/Dislike

Camilla Belle is shown here in what the photograph caption was originally labeled as "...relaxed as she has a business meeting..." at The Grove in West Los Angeles.  This may have indeed been a business meeting, but her emotional state is certainly not relaxed. In this photo she is angry and does not like and does not believe the man she is meeting with. 

The gorgeous actress does a pretty good impression - at least in her eyes - of Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western.  This is not the kind of "squinting" or eyelid closure seen with a sincere smile - rather this is consistent with anger.  In addition, while Ms. Belle's eyes are gazing (laterally) at the man with whom she's meeting - her head and body are pointed away from him. We don't look directly at those we don't like, trust or respect. Moreover, Camilla's mid-face is tightened and her mouth is down-turned at the corners. While anyone can spot anger and dislike in the extreme, we should all endeavor to detect these emotions in their subtlest forms. How much are you missing?