Sunday, November 29, 2009

Negotiation Secret # 277:
The Conventional Steeple:
Use it on Rare Occasions and in Small Doses

This is Mr. Ewald Nowotny. He's a Governing Council Member of the European Central Bank.  This conventional "Steeple" gesture (emblem) he's using is a sign that should be used vary sparingly. While it can project confidence, more often than not it backfires and sends signals of arrogance.  In this particular photo, arrogance is strongly projected.  

Mr. Nowotny is also leaning backward which is disengaging.  He believes he knows what's best and he is closed off to all other options. His backward head tilt and accompanying "looking down his nose" expression is also strongly consistent with arrogance.  

Do you think as a governing member of the European Central Bank he lacks experience?  Do you believe his intention was to appear arrogant?