Thursday, October 29, 2009

Body Language Secret # 1599:
Roger Clemens - Lying Before Congress?

Did Roger Clemens Lie to us and Congress?  I and many others believe he did. He was reecently indicted for doing so.  Amazingly, there are three key body language signs to note even in his initial I-promise-to-tell-the-whole-truth-and-nothing but-the-truth photographs.  Mr. Clemens is seen with his fingers spread apart in his raised hand - as he is swearing to tell the truth.  This is a very telling sign that Roger does not have confidence in what he is about to say.  If he had meant to tell the truth - his confidence would be much higher and his fingers would be together.

In another photo taken a few minutes later, his lips are compressed - indicating controlled anger/stress - as well as his lips are rolled inward - indicating high levels of anxiety.

Roger incredibly demonstrates a great example of a "Snake-Tongue Tell" (some call this a Tongue Jut). This can have several similar meanings:  I've been bad, I got away with something, I did something foolish, excitement, or I got caught. We all know the context here.