Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Body Language Analysis №4690: Greg Abbott, Deception, and the Lip Curl (Photos)


A ‘Lip Curl’, when the lips flare/curl outward in disproportionate and melodramatic manner is a highly reliable indicator of the thought-emotions of:

• Hubris

• False Bravado

• Braggadocio

• Pretentiousness

• Righteous Indignation

• Deception

• Insincerity

• Agenda Driven (Manipulation is Present)

• This cannot be stressed enough: If a Lip Curl is displayed even with modest frequency, there’s a high likelihood of Machiavellian Personality (and very often, an accompanying Dark Triad or Dark Tetrad).


It’s a crucial tell, an out-of-context lip and mouth configuration — hyperbolic with respect to the word being spoken.


You’ve probably detected this subtle nonverbal behavior subconsciously (or at the edge of consciousness) but dismissed it.


It’s also commonly (but not always) accompanied by pseudo-accent sounding by word pronunciations — with an air of haughtiness (i.e., “Country Club Accent”).

In addition, there’s almost always a significant and simultaneous degree of jaw muscle tension/contraction present during a Lip Curl.

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