Monday, April 3, 2023

Body Language Analysis №4681: Ron DeSantis and Disney — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Thursday 30 March 2023, Ron DeSantis made an appearance in Smyrna, Georgia. Like many politicians, this is touted as a ‘book tour’ but it’s an obvious, thinly-disguised campaign event ahead of his announcement for a presidential bid.

What follows is a highlight of some crucial Body Language, Paralanguage, and Statement analyses of Ron DeSantis during this appearance.

The corresponding descriptions appear below each of the following images.

From 0:00 to 0:06 DeSantis displays a Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop.

A Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop is a hyper-alpha display. Its users view themselves in a position of power and authority.

Of course, like all body language behaviors, this display can be used in an overtly religious context (i.e., by clergy, etc.).

Although in the vast majority of times, the Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop is used outside a directly religious context, those displaying this gesture view themselves as being morally correct.

So while it’s often not directly religious, this nonverbal behavior *is* overtly “preachy”.

Those using the Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop are not interested in your opinion (although they may very well pretend to be) — they’ve made up their mind and there’s virtually zero chance of you changing their mind.

The Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop is a strongly ego-driven behavior. It’s particularly common in those with manipulative personalities, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths (APD).

DeSantis also moved his hands from his right to his left in a sweeping motion. Although not a required component of the Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop, this sweeping motion acts as a thought-emotion amplifier.

The Pseudo-Prayer may also be used without the Hand-Chopping dynamic.

It’s important to separate the Pseudo-Prayer and the Pseudo-Prayer Hand Chop from an actual prayer used in a religious context.

Note DeSantis’s simultaneous verbal language: “First of all, I don’t know that it’s the appropriate use of shareholder’s resources …”. This statement is passive-aggressive.

DeSantis is very much in disagreement with Disney on this (and other issues). He’s playing coy with the audience because he thinks it makes him look witty and self-righteous.

The adjective “appropriate” pretends to be an objective descriptor — but it’s highly subjective. Of course, it’s okay to be subjective — but subjective behavior is often disguised as objective information by the self-righteous and in order to manipulate.

Note DeSantis’s language as he says (beginning at 0:11), “… ah, but you don’t have a right to force my citizens to subsidize that.” His use of the first person singular possessive pronoun, “my” is particularly telling.

People who reside in Florida are citizens of the United States and citizens of Florida — they’re not citizens who belong to DeSantis. This isn’t a semantic error, it’s an indication of DeSantis’s ego-driven worldview.

A few seconds later, as DeSantis says, “… and the fact is …” (0:15–0:16) he first elevates up on his toes and then rapidly drops back onto his heels.

Although we can’t see his feet directly, this dynamic is easily inferred through observations of his head, neck, and shoulders.

Please watch this evanescent toe-raising behavior at 1/4 speed, 1/2 speed, 3/4 speed, and then full speed. Repeat this cycle, viewing it multiple times, until this nuance begins to jump out at you in real-time.

This up-on-toes behavior is symptomatic of an adrenaline surge (typically with excitement, anxiety — but sometimes with other strong emotions).

A few seconds later (0:23–0:24) as he says, “…got everything they wanted…”, DeSantis intertwines his fingers (indicating frustration & anger — although lots of politicians display this as a default because they *falsely* believe it makes them look patient & strong).

DeSantis’s use of word “basically” earlier in this sentence is a hedging word (“… and they basically got everything they wanted …”). It gives him wiggle room to make deceptions and sweeping generalities.

He then adjusts his suit jacket in an act of self-preening behavior (0:25–0:27). This is but one example of a MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) and a strong anxiety indicator.

This self-preening behavior is mostly obstructed by the sign on his lectern, but we can see it indirectly via his jacket and hand-arm movement. Please watch the video, as still images do not capture this important subtlety.

DeSantis Saying, “… ah, because now there’s a new Sheriff in Town”, is an odd and telling thing to say — for DeSantis has been in office for over 4 years. It’s a metaphor that plays into the machismo, corruption, and mythology of the Old West — where violence ruled.

A few seconds later (0:34), immediately after he says, “…we’ve taken away their self-governing status…”, DeSantis looks down and displays a Loose Tongue Jut.

A Loose Tongue Jut is indicative of the thought-emotions of “I’ve done/I’m about to do a stupid thing”, “I’ve been caught”, and “I’ve been bad”.

Be careful not confuse a Loose Tongue Jut with a:

• Tight Tongue Jut or a
• Wide Open Tongue Jut

— as they indicate very different thought-emotions.

As DeSantis says, “control” (0:40, “…with the State taking control…”), note how his jaw juts forward/outward. This dynamic is a strong sign of an adrenaline surge. Coupled with the context of this sentence, this behavior betrays DeSantis’s lust for power.

Simultaneously, DeSantis also speaks out of one side of his mouth during this sentence. An asymmetrical mouth opening whilst speaking can signal machismo/false bravado as well as deception.

Close to the very end of the video (0:47), DeSantis looks down to his right as he simultaneously:

• Suppresses a smile
• Displays a variation of a Tongue-in-Cheek
• Displays a Forward Lip Purse

This nonverbal amalgam is highly indicative of the thought-emotions of Deception, an Undisclosed Plan, and “I gotcha”/”I Just Won” (“I’m going to Win”).

This combination of body language behavior is highly consistent with DeSantis’s just finished statement, “…but rest assured, ah, ya know, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. There’s more to come in that regard”.

DeSantis then follows it up with another Loose Tongue Jut (0:47), (Indicating the thought-emotions of “I’ve done/I’m about to do a stupid thing”, “I’ve been caught”, “I’ve been bad”).

SUMMARY: Ron DeSantis’s behavior in this video indicates self-righteousness, anxiety, frustration, deception, and clandestine planning. He wants to be perceived as machismo. He demonstrates strong ego driven behavior and a lust for power.

This list of behavior traits are highly consistent with Fascism, Authoritarianism, and Dictators.

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