Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Relationship Secret # 33:
Grief and Affection in Japan

This poignant image shows a mother and daughter who survived the recent Sendai, Japan Earthquake-Tsunami.  It demonstrates two strong emotions - both Grief and Affection.  The mother's mouth is intensely pulled up and outwards.  There is a very significant contracture of her cheek musculature as well. In fact, if one covers the top half of her face, beginners will often mistake her mouth for that of a smile.  Her intense eyelid closure is particularly consistent with severe grief, although it is also normal to close one's eyelids during a purely (without superimposed grief) affectionate hug.  The tilting of her head, pulling-in of her daughter into her neck/chest, along with full hand/palm contact demonstrates the extreme affection she feels towards her daughter.