Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flirting and Romance Secret # 12: Being a Sexual Being

Elisabetta Canalis's thumbs are hooked in her front hip pockets with the rest of her hands outside and pointed forward.  This is a highly characteristic sexual presentation "Emblem". Like most nonverbals, this gesture is rarely fully conscious, but when you see it, the person wants to be perceived, in that moment, primarily as a sexual being. Ms. Canalis is putting herself on display here in a straightforward manner.  Although more commonly displayed in men, alpha females will certainly use this signal as well. Intriguingly, chimpanzees will also use this same sign in the context of active sexually behavior - and thus this is another great example of the cross-species nature and prevalence of Body Language. If Elisabeth's fingers were extended rather than curled-up, such would be an even more overt sexual display. In addition, Ms. Canalis's feet are relatively close together, which also is less provocative. It is extremely common that many people, who are otherwise learned and socially skilled, cannot tell when another is attracted to them. Can you say "Game Changer"?