Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Negotiation Secret # 40: Can You Spot Mild Anger?

Real Madrid's Coach, Jose Mourinho is giving us a great example of mild anger. Even an infant can spot severe or moderate anger, but many a learned adult will gloss right over mild examples. Jose's eye brows are pulled down and together. The somewhat subtle vertical creases above his nose are signals as well. And although he's no Leonid Brezhnev, it doesn't help that Jose has a bit of a "Mono-brow". Unfortunately, this adds to others' impressions of anger. Shave it or wax it Mr. Mourinho - lest people think you're angry when you're not.

Also conspicuous for anger, is the partial closure of the Coach's eyes (lids) along with a horizontal tightening of his lower eyelids. The "mustache area" above the mouth, as well as the lips themselves, will also classically tighten in the context anger. This is accompanied by a narrowing of the lips. Finally, a dilation or "flaring" of the nostrils is consistent with anger as well as disgust. Don't miss subtle anger - for it has teeth - and you will get hurt.