Saturday, March 24, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4243: Mark Zuckerberg's CNN Interview - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

People who are chronically insincere will not necessarily be lying during a specific moment - however, if you know what to look for - you'll see that they display multiple signals of insincerity. To able to suss out such individuals - is to be able to spot a liar even when they're not lying.

Therefore, good nonverbal skills will not only allow you to spot active and specific deception (e.g., He/She just told a lie), but you'll also be able to discern those who are chronically insincere (e.g., Low Sincerity Quotients).  

Although there's a multitude of nonverbal insincerity displays - the most common body language behavior of someone displaying low sincerity is an over-use of the forehead muscles (an overly frequent contraction of the forehead).

During his recent interview with CNN, Mark Zuckerberg did NOT use this facial tell of insincerity (or any others). While the Facebook Co-Founder/Chairman/CEO did contract his forehead muscles, it was of a low frequency and low duration - and, moreover - he projected sincere empathy.

While Mark Zuckerberg did, at times during this interview, show mild - and on a couple of occasions, moderate levels of anxiety - at no time did he display any signals of deception.

Thus, not only was Mark Zuckerberg honest and empathetic during this interview - his overall personality profile includes a high sincerity quotient.

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